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Johann Dowa

Free Xcode 4 Screencasts From The Pragmatic Programmers

The Pragmatic Programmer’s have created a series of screencasts available for free as bonus screencasts.

These screencasts demonstrate the basics of using Xcode 4, and are really helpful for getting right in.

These are my favorites demonstrating some essential knowledge, and can really speed up the learning curve:

Setting Up An Xcode 4 Project – Demonstrates Xcode 4’s new Git integration by demonstrating how to open a GitHub project directly in Xcode 4.

Xcode 4 Interface Basics – Xcode 4’s interface is considerably different from the previous version of Xcode, and this screencast shows some interface essentials for those new to Xcode 4.

Interface Builder In Xcode 4 – This screencast demonstrates Xcode’s 4 new version of the interface builder.  Great if you are having trouble adjusting to the new version.

Code Snippets – Demonstrates Xcode 4’s much enhanced functionality for code snippet’s.
I found this one to be especially helpful also:

These show off a couple of the cool new Xcode 4 features:

Code Completion – Shows some of the basics of using the Xcode 4 code completion, great help if you are an Xcode newbie.

Real Time Debugging – Demonstrates how the new Objective-C compiler in Xcode 4 allows for debugging as you code and gives you some shortcuts.

Changing Layout Of The Assistant Editor – Short screencast demonstrating how to tweeak the layout of the Assistant.

If you’re really into keyboard shortcuts then you might want to check these out:

Utilities Keyboard Shortcut – Short screencast demonstrating how to show and hide the Utilities view.

File Opening Shortcuts – Demonstrates some keyboard shortcuts for opening files.

Hopefully these will help to get you right into using Xcode 4.

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