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Open Source: Real-Time Congress App Phonegap And Native Source Code


As you may have noticed I like to keep a list on this site of open source ios apps.

Earlier I received a submission of the url to an open source iPhone app that updates on what is happening at the US congress in real time, and provides access to data about members of the US Congress.

Politics aside, it provides an example of an app that retrieves and organizes data from an online source, and there is also a Phonegap version if you are looking for any html/javascript enthusiasts out there looking for a starting point trying to build with Phonegap.

You can find the source code for the newer native version here:

The source code for the previous Phonegap version can be found here:

You can find the app on iTunes here.

I’ll be adding it to the list of open source apps soon.


The Best Resources In iOS Development – February 6th 2011


It’s been another very active week for the site, and I appreciate everyone sharing the resources from this site.  It really keeps things going.  The community is getting more active, and there were so many great resources shared in the last week.

If you have a specific resource you’d like to share there’s two great ways to share them.. you can tweet them at me @maniacdev or you can post them on the iPad and iPhone Development Forum.

These are the top resources shared in the past week:

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

Tutorials: How To Create Great Looking iOS Apps Even If You Are A Design Noob – An excellent set of tutorials and guides from an app design expert for those without a design background looking to design a great looking and user friendly app.

Open Source: Libraries For Custom Status Bar Notifications And UIBarButtonItems – Open source project enabling customizable status bar notifications, overlays, and UIBarButtonItem’s similar to the Reeder, Evernote, and Google Maps apps.

Open Source: Generate Objective-C iOS App Code Using A Simple Domain Specific Language – An open source project that generates app source code from a very brief domain specific language.

iOS Beginner Screencasts – Xcode And Objective-C From The Start – A set of high quality screencasts for those who are absolute beginners to Xcode and Objective-C.

Open Source: Library With A Massive Number Of Useful UIKit Interface Enhancements – A very useful, and rapidly growing library of useful user interface enhancements.

Example Source Code: Face Detection And Augmented Reality – Source code from an upcoming book demonstrating face detection, and location based augmented reality.

Tutorial: How To Build An iOS Chat App Using Cocoa Classes – A step-by-step guide demonstrating how to use Cocoa networking classes such as NSUrl by creating a simple chat application.

Tutorial: Detailed Adwhirl Cocos2D Guide – A newly updated guide for those having difficulty integrating Adwhirl and Cocos2D.

Open Source: Beautiful App Sales Tracking Tool MyAppSales – A newly open sourced app with a beautiful interface, and extensive historical statistics for those looking to track app sales data.

Building An iOS App With Sencha Touch And Phonegap From The Start – A step-by-step guide starting at the absolute beginning for those looking to build an application with Phonegap and Sencha Touch.

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Beginners iPhone Action Game Tutorial: Source Code


A few weeks ago I posted a short video similar to this one:

UPDATE: Tutorial Has been posted!

I’ve been asked since then when I would come out with the tutorial.   I was finally able to get around to completing the source file, and I’ve added line by line (well pretty close) comments in plain english to make it easier to follow.

The above video utilizes the exact source code from this tutorial running in the iPhone simulator.

Following the suggestions of a friend of mine who is just starting to learn this I’ve used as few methods as possible, and made extensive use of autorelease objects to make the flow easier to follow for beginners.

The tutorial features:

  • Loading/Placing Images
  • Animation
  • Touch Events
  • Text
  • Sound Effects
  • Background Music
  • Buttons
  • Resetting The Game

Coming up next week I will be posting a more comprehensive tutorial, but I am posting the source code now.  If you look through this code and the comments you should be able to grasp what is going on, and I hope that the upcoming tutorial will fill in the gaps. Be sure to come back next week when the full tutorial is posted!

I recreated this from scratch using Sparrow Framework and Objective-C because in my findings it was easiest to follow for a beginner looking to create an action game.

Things could change a little as I haven’t really looked through it myself.. just quickly coded it and wrote line by line comments. If you open it up, and are wondering which files to look at to understand things go to the Game.h and Game.m files.. the app delegate files were created automatically with the Sparrow project and I didn’t comment those.

Update! I have modified the project to remove an error that occurred on some systems due to a recursive search being done in the project for already included files.  Please re-download if you encountered this problem.

You can download the source with music/sound effects here:

Graphics are included so the example will run but are slightly different because I am using graphics similar to those in the video in my own game.

As far as licensing goes feel free to use this in your own apps, and if you do send me a message or post a comment about it, and I’ll mention it on this site. You may not use any portion of this project in your own tutorials, books, etc. (and definitely don’t submit it to a site buying tutorials.. you know who you are!) without permission.

Please be sure to check back next week when the entire tutorial is posted which will give you a much better idea of how to extend/use this source code and utilize the Sparrow Framework.

If you have any questions as to why I did something or have any suggestions for the tutorial then please post them below — it will help to make the final tutorial better.

Also, if you could share this post that would be great too and help motivate me to make more!


How One Developer Went From 40 To 1000 Downloads In A Day


Let’s face it.. getting app downloads is tough. There are over 200,000 apps out there, and it is very easy for an app to fade into obscurity.

Even free apps can suffer from this, you really have to get the word out there, and there are many different approaches.

One approach that has worked for one developer was to take their app, and release the source code. With so many people interested in iPhone development the app was able to go from 40 to about 1000 downloads in a day.

The app is SpaceBubble from Nick Vellios for which the iTunes link can be found here along with the source code.

The source code will be added to the Open Source iPhone App Store Apps listing.



Open Source iOS Apps – Real iOS Source Code Examples

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open source iphone apps

Welcome to the sixth iteration of the open source iPhone and iPad apps list for those seeking app source code.  For those that have seen similar listings on other sites using the exact wordings, and links below welcome to the source for the original list.  Also included are some open source iPad apps, and universal open source iOS apps.

It can be tough to learn how to develop, especially when it comes to finding complete examples.  That’s why I put this list together.  Each of these open source iPhone apps is not just open source, but has been in the app store, and all but one are in there right now.  So if you’re looking for an example of some real apps here they are.

Last Update: 4/28/2016

Before going on to the apps, please share these open source iOS apps with your Twitter followers by clicking here.
If you are just interested in games you can check out the open source iOS game list.

The Open Source iPhone Apps List

Here is the open source iphone app list in alphabetical order:

1. 2048 – A SpriteKit based version of the game 2048.. (iTunes link) (source code)

2. AlienBlue – A feature rich Reddit client for iPhone and iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

3. AntiMapLog – An app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) over a period of time. (iTunes link) (source code)

4. AnyPic – An app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) over a period of time. (iTunes link) (source code)

5. AppSlate – An app that allows you to create other apps that run within the AppSlate. (iTunes link) (source code)

6. audioGraph – An audio processing graph demonstration app. (iTunes link) (source code)

7. Authenticator – A two factor authenticator based on the source code of  Google’s iPhone authenticator. (iTunes link) (source code)

8. Bancha – An app for managing websites powered by the Bancha CMS. (iTunes link) (source code)

9. Barcode Scanner – An example app that is part of the Zxing barcode reader project. (iTunes link) (source code)

10. Battle For WesnothFantasy themed turn based tactical RPG game available on several platforms and now the iPhone/iPad.  (iTunes link) (source code)

11. Bubbsy – Cocos2D based game using Box2D fixes and Tiled level creation.  Unique license see source code page. (iTunes link) (source code)

12. Camlingual – App that can read and translate signs using sophisticated OCR.  (iTunes link) (source code)

13. Canabalt – Popular run and jump type game. (iTunes link) (source code)

14. Chat Secure – An instant messaging application supporting the Xmpp (Google Talk, Jabber) /Oskar (Aim) protocols. (iTunes link) (source code)

15. Cheddar – A to do list app featuring syncing between multiple devices. (iTunes link) (source code)

16. Climbers – 2D finger dragging climbing game created with Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code)

17. CodeHub – An iPhone and iPad Github client created using C# with Xamarin. (iTunes link) (source code)

18. ColloquyConversion of the most popular Mac IRC client to the iPhone. (iTunes link) (source code)

19. ColorCipher – An iPhone adaptation of the classic game of mastermind. (iTunes link) (source code)

20. ComicFlowBeautiful comic book reader for iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

21. ConcurrencyA currency conversion calculator with a nice clean interface. (iTunes link) (source code)

22. Countitout A generic counting app. (iTunes link) (source code)

23. Desktop Web Analytics – An app for displaying Piwik web analytics data built with AS3/Air. (iTunes link) (source code)

24. Diceshaker Dice rolling simulator designed for role-playing game enthusiasts. (iTunes link) (source code)

25. Dollar Bets App for recording personal bets placed with your friends. (iTunes link) (source code)

26. Doom Classic Classic 3D first person shooter. (iTunes link) (source code)

27Doppio – Library for finding the nearest Starbucks. (iTunes link) (source code)

28. Dozuki – Interactive repair manual app from the guys at iFixit. (iTunes link) (source code)

29. Dragon Shout – A titanium based social journal app for the Elder Scrolls series of games. (iTunes link) (source code)

30. Ecological Footprint – Calculate, display, and record your ecological footprint. (iTunes link) (source code)

31. Edgy – App for demonstrating the basics of OpenCV and the iPhone. (iTunes link) (source code)

32. Edhita – iPad text editor with file transfer support and browser previewing. (iTunes link) (source code)

33. Fresh Food Finder – App for finding locally grown food built with Phonegap/Cordova. (iTunes link) (source code)

34. FreshbooksOpen Source iPhone app that enables usage of Freshbooks web invoicing software from your iPhone. (iTunes link) (source code)

35. Frotz – Open Source interactive fiction app with support for the Z-machine format. (iTunes link) (source code)

36. Gas Guide – Guides for helping medical students study built from the Gas guide source. (iTunes link) (source code)

37. GorillasClassic Worms/iShoot turn based shooter type game converted to iPhone from basic. Utilizes Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code).

38. Greek Interlinear Bible – An app for helping study ofthe original new Testament Greek bible . (iTunes link) (source code).

39. Hacker news Client – An app for helping study ofthe original new Testament Greek bible . (iTunes link) (source code).

40. Heredox – Tile based game featuring multiplayer created with Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code).

41. HoxChess – A Xiangqi (chinese chess) game. (iTunes link) (source code)

42. iLabyrinth – Puzzle game written in Cocos2D requiring you to navigate through increasingly difficult labyrinths. (iTunes link) (source code)

43. Inkpad – A full featured vector based drawing app. (iTunes link) (source code)

44. iStrobe – Turns the iPhone 4 flash into a highly configurable strobe light. (iTunes link) (source code)

45. iWVU – Official iPhone application of West Virginia University. (iTunes link) (source code)

46. Last.fmSoftware that enables usage of the platform for personal radio stations. (iTunes link) (source code)

47. Little Go – An iOS version of the game of Go featuring a tough AI opponent. (iTunes link) (source code)

48. Mapbox Earth – A fun app for exploring Mapbox maps in 3D.(iTunes link) (source code)

49. Master Password – An app for generating and storing passwords. (iTunes link) (source code)

50. Mobilesynth – A monophonic synthesizer designed for live performance. (iTunes link) (source code)

51. MoleculesAllows you to view 3D models of molecules and manipulate them through touch. (iTunes link) (source code)

52. MoverAllows you to transfer stuff from one iPhone to another by “flicking” it to the other device. (iTunes link) (source code)

53. Mugician – iPad music synthesis app being used by various musicians in real life gigs. (iTunes link) (source code)

54. Natsulion A basic twitter client converted from mac. (iTunes link) (source code)

55. Next Airport – A navigation and weather utility app built with Red Foundry. (iTunes link) (source code)

56. News:yc – A hacker news client. (iTunes link) (source code)

57. OwnCloudBackpack journal client. (iTunes link) (source code)

58. PacklogBackpack journal client. (iTunes link) (source code)

59. PlainNote – Simple Open Source Notepad. (iTunes link) (source code)

60. Pteradactyl Attack – An HTML5/Javascript based 2D action game. (iTunes link) (source code)

61. Pw Safe – Password manager that works across multiple platforms. (iTunes link) (source code)

62. Quickbright – Simple app for setting the brightness for your iPhone quickly and easily. (iTunes link) (source code)

63. Revolved – An iPad 3D modeling app allowing you to draw curves and turn them into 3d models. (iTunes link) (source code)

64. RPI Shuttle Tracker – App for tracking bus positions around the RPI campus. (iTunes link) (source code)

65. Sage Math – Interface to the sage computer algebra system. (itunes link) (source code)

66. Seven Bridges – An iPhone and iPad puzzle game where bridges are crossed within a specified number of turns.  (iTunes link) (source code)

67. Sign Plus – App for turning iPad into a digital sign. (itunes link) (source code)

68. SpaceBubbleSpace game featuring core graphics, and accelerometer usage. (itunes link) (source code)

69. SparkleShare – Client for the DropBox like SparkleShare file storage service. (itunes link) (source code)

70. Stockfish ChessA chess game featuring extremely effective AI . (itunes link) (source code)

71. Sudoku Resolv  – Sudoku solving app using computer vision. (itunes link) (source code)

72. Sugar on Pancake  – An iOS client for SugarCRM. (itunes link) (source code)

73. Task CoachPersonal to-do list and task manager. (itunes link) (source code)

74. The White House – Official app for the White House. (itunes link) (source code)

75. Travel Advice UK – App featuring worldwide travel advice provided by the UK Governemnt. (itunes link) (source code)

76. Tweedie – A twitter iPad client created using HTML5 and Phonegap (Cordova). (itunes link) (source code)

77. TweejumpPlatform jumping game inspired by Icy Tower. Utilizes Cocos2D. (itunes link) (source code)

78. TweeteeEnhanced version of the Natsulion Twitter Client. (itunes link) (source code)

79. TweeteroBasic twitter client with image uploading. (itunes link) (source code)

80. Vim – The classic highly configurable UNIX text editor ported to iOS. (itunes link) (source code)

81. ViralFireUnique game where you are a dodging blood cell. (source code)

82. Warfare Incorporated – A popular graphical real time strategy game. (itunes link) (source code)

83. Warped AR – An augmented reality app created using Appcelerator Titanium. (itunes link) (source code)

84. WikihowA reader app for the popular how to wiki site. (itunes link) (source code)

85. Wikipedia – Official Wikipedia app for iOS devices. (itunes link) (source code)

86. Wizard War – Fighting game created using Cocos2D and ReactiveCocoa. (itunes link) (source code)

87. Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum – If you haven’t heard of Wolfenstein post below so we can say a prayer for you. (itunes link) (source code)

88. WordPressClient for managing WordPress blogs. Also has an iPad version. (itunes link) (source code)

89. XpilotSimple massively multiplayer arcade shooter from the early days of the internet. (itunes link) (source code)

90. YoCelsiusPocket database containing a summary of your legal rights. (itunes link) (source code)

91. YourRightsPocket database containing a summary of your legal rights. (itunes link) (source code)

92. ZBarA barcode reader open source iphone app. (itunes link) (source code)

These are apps that are no longer in the app store for which source code is available:

93. 2012 Olympics – App displaying timetable for 2012 Olympic events.   (source code)

94. Aeropack – A steampunk themed retro-platform game created using GameSalad. (source code)

95. Alphabet Blocks – An educational toy featuring letter blocks created with using Cocos2D.. (source code)

96. Clearis – Cocos2D based puzzle game.  (source code)

97. Cryptose – A cryptogram puzzle game made with the Marmalade (formerly Airplay) SDK.  (source code)

98. Fosdem– Calendar app for the Fosdem open source conference. (source code)

99. NowPlaying – Allows you to check local theater listings, and check rotten tomato ratings.  (source code)

100. PocketFlix – Find movies, and manage your Netflix information. (source code)

101. Prey – Anti-theft tracker featuring on-demand and push notification activation. (source code)

102. reMail – E-mail client featuring ultra-fast search. Removed from app store, but source made available. (source code)

103. RobotFindsKitten – Port of a very silly “classic” ASCII game. (source code)

104. Sci-15 HPCalc – Calculator app based on classic scientific HP-Calculator. (source code)

105. Scratch – A viewer allowing you to run applications made with MIT’s scratch project. (source code)

106. Skeleton Key – Puzzle game created using Cocos2D. (source code) (source code iPad)

107. Star3Map – Augmented reality star and planet charting application. (source code)

108. Teh Internets – A silly side scrolling game that makes fun of many internet memes created using Cocos2D.  (source code)

109. Tilt Monster – iPhone game written with the Corona SDK that reached top 25 in the app store. (source code)

110. Tux Rider – iPhone port of the extremely popular, and beautiful 3D Tux Racer game. (source code)

Check them out if you are working on something similar or think they might have a feature you could use there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel.  Always make sure you understand the licenses as many of these open source iPhone apps are GPL and require that you open source your app.

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If you’ve found or have released an app that you would like added to the open source iphone apps list then please mention it in the comments.

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