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Example: Paste From Real Life To Photoshop With A Mobile Device

Augmented reality makes for fascinating technology, but it can be difficult to come up with real use cases that could save the user time (just imagine the man-hours spent removing backgrounds by online stores). AR Cut & Paste is a project that combines background removal with augmented reality images, and posting directly in Photoshop. The […]

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Best Resources In iOS Development – July 25th 2011

Another week gone by, and welcome to this listing of resources shared in the last week in order of popularity. This week once again yet another beta was released of iOS 5 for us to install. ¬†The release date is slowly creeping up. Some great resources were posted on the site including open source libraries […]

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Tutorial: Using And Building OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) On iOS Devices

If you have any interest in computer vision or augmented reality with marker detection then you have probably heard of OpenCV, the Open Source Computer Vision library for real time computer vision. There are many apps, and some augmented reality libraries (even commercial ones) that use the BSD licensed OpenCV. ¬†However, building for iOS was […]