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Best Resources In iOS Development – July 10th 2011

Another great week has gone by, and if you are a regular visitor to this site you have probably noticed that I am now using a new theme.  Hopefully this betters the user experience for everyone. In the last week there were some great resources shared, those included a number of open source libraries relating […]

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Open Source: Easily Extensible Objective-C Math Parser Library

Math parsing libraries can be extremely useful whenever you want to evaluate a complex mathematical expression.  In Objective-C you can use NSPredicate.  If you want to extend the functionality of NSPredicate however, this can be extremely difficult. I came across a math parser that provides many advantages over NSPredicate, and other existing math libraries with […]

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Tutorial: Format Text Magazine Style Using Core Text

The Core Text library allows for easy text formatting and I have mentioned it several times in the past with the fancy text effects tutorial and an excellent open source project enabling easy multi-column text display. I’ve come across an excellent tutorial that puts everything together demonstrating how to create a magazine style app.  You’ll learn […]