Submit An Open Source iOS Control, Component Tool Or Library

We welcome the submission of open source iOS user interface components, components and libraries and are happy to post about quality projects. Many of the projects that we’ve shared become extremely popular shortly after being posted on our site in front of the thousands who read our new posts each day.

Here are a few guidelines to help in getting your project posted as quickly as possible.

  1.  Post a sample project if applicable. We test submissions before posting.
  2. If a similar project exists please explain what makes yours different.  We’ve received a number of submissions where projects are almost identical (sometimes even the code) so if there are projects similar to yours please tell us what makes your project different.

  3.  Try to submit to our site first.  We get thousands of readers to our new posts each day, and our readers prefer to read and share projects that they haven’t already seen elsewhere. This won’t prevent quality projects from appearing on the site, but we give priority to lesser known quality projects.

  4.  Post a screenshot if applicable with the project.  While we will often make our own screenshot it can help speed up the process as it makes it easier to see what makes your project interesting.

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