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Johann Dowa

Open Source iPhone App Store Apps


open source iphone app store apps

There are many code examples for iPhone development, most of the examples found in books or on blogs are incomplete and only designed to illustrate a specific point.  The difference with the open source iphone apps shown on this page is that they are all available in the app store so you can see what other developers are really doing.

— Update March 7 – reMail and RobotFindsKitten added

The Apps

Here they are listed in alphabetical order (name linked to app homepage when possible):

1. ABC 123Sequence memorization game. Utilizes Cocos2D. (itunes link) (source code)

2. ColloquyConversion of the most popular Mac IRC client to the iPhone. (itunes link) (source code)

3. Diceshaker Dice rolling simulator designed for role-playing game enthusiasts. (itunes link) (source code)

4. Doom Classic Classic 3D first person shooter. (itunes link) (source code) (build instructions)

5. FreshbooksApp that enables usage of Freshbooks web invoicing software from your iPhone. (itunes link) (source code)

6. GorillasClassic Worms/iShoot turn based shooter type game converted to iPhone from basic. Utilizes Cocos2D. (itunes link) (source code)

7. Last.fmSoftware that enables usage of the platform for personal radio stations. (itunes link) (source code)

8. Mobilesynth A monophonic synthesizer designed for live performance. (itunes link) (source code)

9. MoleculesAllows you to view 3D models of molecules and manipulate them through touch. (itunes link) (source code)

10. MoverAllows you to transfer stuff from one iPhone to another by “flicking” it to the other device. (itunes link) (source code)

11. Natsulion A basic twitter client converted from mac. (itunes link) (source code)

12. NowPlayingAllows you to check local theater listings, and check rotten tomato ratings. (itunes link) (source code)

13. PacklogBackpack journal client. (itunes link) (source code)

14. PocketFlixFind movies, and manage your Netflix information. (itunes link) (source code)

14. reMailE-mail client featuring ultra-fast search.  Removed from app store, but source made available. (source code)

14. RobotFindsKittenPort of a very silly “classic” ASCII game. (itunes link) (source code)

15. Sci-15 HPCalcCalculator app based on classic scientific HP-Calculator. (itunes link) (source code)

16. Task CoachPersonal to-do list and task manager. (itunes link) (source code)

17. TubestatusLondon train schedule tracker. (itunes link) (source code)

18. TweejumpPlatform jumping game inspired by Icy Tower. Utilizes Cocos2D. (itunes link) (source code)

19.  TweeteroBasic twitter client with image uploading. (itunes link) (source code)

20. TwitterfonSuper-fast intuitive twitter client. (itunes link) (source code)

21. WikihowA reader app for the popular how to wiki site. (itunes link) (available by e-mail from [email protected])

22. WordPressClient for managing WordPress blogs. (itunes link) (source code)

23. YourRightsPocket database containing a summary of your legal rights. (itunes link) (source code)

Check them out if you’re working on something similar or think they might have a feature you could use there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel.  Be sure to make sure you understand the licenses though many are GPL and require that you open source your app.

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