iPad Development Tutorial and Resources Collection

While the iPad and iPhone share iOS as their operating system there are many aspects of development for the iPad that are considerably different and should be understood by developers looking to create the best possible iPad apps.

On this page I have decided to list tutorials specifically created for the iPad along with other resources such as user interface design tips, and graphical resources such as UI prototyping tools and vector kits.

You can expect this page to update with new tutorials and resources so be sure to bookmark it.

Newer resources appear towards the top of the listing.

  1. Pad 3 HD User Interface Design Template – a layered PSD file sized for the iPad 3 retina display.
  2. Rapid Prototyping of iPad apps using Keynotea great guide along with many interactive elements for prototyping (key here being interactive) using Keynote.
  3. How To Port An App To the iPadCovers how to convert your app to handle the iPad screen sizes, specifically autosizing and orientation, and when to use iPad elements.
  4. Custom Input View TutorialA tutorial on how to create great looking custom input views on the iPad.
  5. iPad MultitouchA great example with code showing how to utilize all 11 available touches on the iPad.
  6. UIPopoverController Tutorial A tutorial on how to use the iPad UIPopoverController element.
  7. iPhone To HybridA guide to making apps that work on the different iOS platforms simultaneously with minimal work.
  8. UISplitview TutorialA tutorial on how to use the specific iPad only UISplitview interface element.
  9. Designing For iPad Reality CheckBrilliant in depth to guide to into how the interface of an iPad app should be developed.
  10. iPad Application DesignA detailed look at some of the finer details of how to deisgn an iPad user interface.
  11. iPad UI Graphic Kits Several graphic kits for use in tools such as Photoshop and Omnigraffle.
  12. Testing Out iPad Code With An iPhone or iPod TouchArticle about testing an iPad interface using the iSimulate iPhone app.

If you have a tutorial or resource you would like to suggest please post about it in the comments below.

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