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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iOS 7 Inspired Libraries And User Interface Controls

iOS 7 development details remain under wraps so you we won’t be unveiling any specific tutorials or development tips related to iOS 7 until the official release date.

Until then this page is being used to organize iOS 7 inspired/related resources mentioned on this site.  At this point this consists of libraries allowing you to create interface elements and emulate features similar to those seen in iOS 7.

This list was last updated June 26th, 2013

Here are the resources:

RESideMenu –  A user interface control allowing you to make great looking animated side menus that zoom in iOS 7 style. (Featured June 26/2013)

Trans Blur – An example demonstrating how to create a high speed movable blur mask inspired by the movable blur masks within iOS 7.  (Featured June 20/2013)

FlatUI – An open source library providing a collection of iOS 7 like Flat UI elements. (Featured June 19/2013)

Parallax – A library allowing you to emulate the image parallax tilt effect seen on the iOS 7 home screen and springboard .  (Featured June 18/2013)

UI7Kit -A library you can use to automatically patch UIKit based interfaces with a set of flat elements that look just like those in iOS 7, but runs on ioS 5 and 6.   (Featured June 13/2013)

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