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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iOS 6 SDK Tutorial And Example Page

Another update to iOS is on it’s way with many new features for users along with an updated iOS SDK with hundreds of new API’s for developers.

This page was created for the same purpose as the iOS 5 tutorial page, and is dedicated to helping everyone learn the details of learning iOS 6 by tutorials and examples.    At this stage the iOS 6 SDK is in beta and many features are still protected by NDA.  Apple has publicly published an iOS 6 for developers preview page.

The new features publicly featured by Apple as coming in the iOS 6 SDK include:

  • A new Map Kit engine created by Apple
  • Integrated Facebook features
  • A passbook and Pass Kit API for providing a new way to organize tickets, gift cards, boarding passes and more.
  • Game Center enhancements
  • An updated camera API with enhanced camera control, and face detection.
  • Enhanced in-app purchases and hosted in-app content

As time progresses new iOS 6 related resources will be added.

Here are the current resources:

Using Passbook  within your apps – An easy to follow tutorial demonstrating the basics of using passbook within your apps.  You can find the tutorial in two parts: Part 1Part 2. (Added 10/17/2012)

UICollectionView With Storyboards – A tutorial demonstrating how to take the basic UITableView template with Xcode, and using storyboards add a UICollectionView populate that UICollectionView with images downloaded from the web.  (Added 9/20/2012) (featured)

PassKit On Rails – An example implementation of Apple’s web service protocol for communicating with PassBook built using Ruby on Rails.Be sure to watch this space as we will be looking out for iOS 6 tutorials and examples after the official release. (Added 9/15/2012)