iOS 5 GLKit Example And Tutorial Page

GLKit was added in iOS 5 in order to simplify programming of OpenGL ES in iOS apps.

GLKit is especially helpful for OpenGL ES 2.0 programming.

In previous versions of the iOS SDK you were required to add all the code for buffering and add were required to do all the shader programming.  With GLKit the GLKView api has been added eliminating the need for most of the setup code, along with high level helper classes allowing for easier setup of shaders.

If you have a created a GLKit example or tutorial that  you’d like added to this page you can submit it here.

You can read Apple’s official GLKit programming guide for iPhone and iPad developers  here.

Check out the iOS 5 programming page for tutorials covering other topics within the iOS 5 SDK.

Each of the GLKit examples and tutorials on this page are tested to make sure anything works. If you have any issues please post them in the comments.

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Here are the GLKit example and tutorial resources:

3D Game Example With GLKit – Example source code showing how to create a 3D game with 3D particles using GLKit. (Added 3/8/2012)

Creating A Simple 2D Game With GLKit – A step by step guide on creating a simple 2D game with GLKit covering the basics of using GLKit making a great way to get started with the API.  Two parts: Part 1, Part 2. (Added 2/16/2012)

Introducing GLKit – A good intro on setting up a project and getting started with GLKit.  Meant to be the first part of a tutorial on using GLKit and Blender (2nd part coming) but provides a nice tutorial on setting up a GLKit project with detailed screenshots. (Added 10/22/2011)

2D Game Engine Tutorial – A tutorial on how to build a 2D game engine using GLKit.  Not yet complete, but so far covers how to set up the scene render objects, animation and transforms. (Added 10/22/2011)

Beginning OpenGL ES 2.0 With GLKit – A tutorial providing a nice overview of the GLKit API’s (GLKView, GLKEffects, GLMath, and GLTextureLoader) comes in 2 parts.  Pt. 1, Pt. 2. (Added 10/22/2011)

GlKit Example Code – A collection of example code on Github using GLKit and GLKBaseEffect showing basic drawing with and without textures, and a reflection map with skybox example. (Added 10/22/2011)

Books Showing How To Use GLKit (Downloadable):

Quick Note: Only books I’ve been able to check and verify the content of will be placed here. If you’d like your book checked out please submit download information through the above mentioned submit form.

GLKit In iOS 5 By Tutorials (aff) –  Chapters 8 and 9 contain over 50 pages of GLKit examples within an extensive detailed tutorial.  Information is provided covers different API’s explaining the advantages of GLKit vs the previous ways of implementing OpenGL ES 2.0 on the iPhone and iPad.  Covers beginner topics along with more advanced topics such as lighting, materials and more.

See more on the iOS 5 By Tutorials book details page.

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