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Johann Dowa

iOS Core Image Tutorial And Example Page

The Core Image framework was added to the iOS 5 developer SDK adding a multitude of image processing API’s previously only available on Mac OS X.

Core Image provides pixel level image filters, and allows for many different filters to be placed upon an image at the same time.  These include not only image filters for special effects such as bloom or motion blurring, but other image processing algorithms providing for features such as face detection. This means that in many cases where you either had to use a library such as OpenCV or write your own code for image processing within iPhone and iPad apps you can now use the Core Image API.

If you’ve created an iOS Core Image tutorial with a sample project that you would like listed on this page you can submit it here.

You can find Apple’s official documentation for Core Image on the iOS platform here, that includes nice listing of available filters.

Check out the iOS 5 tutorial page for tutorials on other topics within the iOS 5 SDK.

I test out each Core Image example or tutorial to make sure that everything works.  If you have any issues please post them in the comments at bottom.

ManiacDev.Com Core Image Tutorials:

Easy Face Detection With Core Image In iOS 5 – An example project, and step by step guide on the basics of using the new face detection API added with iOS 5. (Added 11/2/2011)

Other Core Image Tutorials:

Using Core Image Face Detection On A Live Video Feed – An example demonstrating how to use Core Image face detection on a live video feed and draw a curly moustache on the faces in the video. (Added 5/16/2012)

Beginning Core Image – A tutorial for those getting started with Core Image on the iOS platform with examples and a nice overview of the available API’s. (Added 11/14/2011)

Using Core Image Filters On A Live Video Feed – An interesting tutorial and example demonstrating the use of Core Image to filter a video stream and apply core image filters to apply coloration and turn the feed into a random assortment of different circles. (Added 10/31/2011)

Books Featuring Core Image Information (Downloadable):

Quick Note: Only books I’ve been able to check and verify the quality/content of will be placed here. If you’d like your book checked out please submit download information through the above mentioned submit form.

Core Image In iOS 5 By Tutorials (aff) – Chapters 20 and 21 provide information on beginning and intermediate Core Image usage.

Detail information on what’s included within the can be found on the iOS 5 by tutorials website.