(ARC) Automatic Reference Counting Tutorial And Guide Page

Automatic reference counting (ARC) was introduced in the iOS 5 sdk to free Objective-C programmers from having to handle memory management by making memory management the job of the compiler.

If you developer with Objective-C prior to the iOS 5 SDK or talked to Obj-C programmers then you are probably aware of how tedious task memory management could become.  When using ARC there is no need for retain and release calls, and not only that in many cases ARC can provide a significant performance increase.

You can read many of the fine details about automatic reference counting in the official documents on the LLVM website here.

On this page you’ll find tutorials and guides giving a general overview of ARC and handling specific cases.  If you’d like to submit an ARC related tutorial you can do so here.

Other iOS 5 SDK related tutorials can be found on the iOS 5 tutorial page.

ManiacDev.Com ARC tutorials:

Easily Get Non-ARC Enabled Open Source Libraries Working In ARC Enabled Projects – A quick tutorial on using the often mentioned -fno-objc-arc flag for using non-ARC code working in automatic reference counting enabled projects. (Added 1/17/2012)

Other ARC tutorials:

Migrating To ARC – A guide on exactly how to migrate existing code to arc using the migration wizard in Xcode and how to deal with any problems that can arise. (Added 1/3/2012)

Beginning Arc In iOS 5 Tutorial – An overview of what ARC is along with a guide illustrating how to get pass many potential problems that can occur when migrating a project to use ARC.  Two parts: Pt.1, Pt.2. (Added 11/15/2011)

ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) Guide  – An ARC guide covering almost everything you’ll need to know if converting a non-ARC project to an ARC one and some other details on ARC. (Added 11/3/2011)

Obj-C ARC In Xcode Explained – A solid guide on automatic reference counting explaining fundamental differences between ARC and retain/release style memory management along with an example of converting code to ARC in Xcode, and how to exclude code from using ARC. (Added 10/27/2011)

Cocos2D And ARC – A tutorial featuring instructions from Tiny Tim on implementing automatic reference counting on a build of Cocos2D.   Useful post if you are updating your code to utilize ARC. (added 10/12/2011)

Friday Q&A Automatic Reference Counting – A very useful straightforward guide on understanding automatic reference counting with along with some very insightful comments from developers. (mentioned 10/3/2011)

Books Featuring Automatic Reference Cpimtomg Information (Downloadable):

Quick Note: Only books I’ve been able to check and verify the quality/content of will be placed here. If you’d like your book checked out please submit download information through the above mentioned submit form.

Automatic Reference Counting In iOS 5 By Tutorials (aff) – Over 100 pages of material covering ARC is provided in Chapters 2 and 3 including building a sample project, converting it to use ARC and more.

Detail information on everything included within the can be found on the iOS 5 by tutorials website.

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