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Johann Dowa

iOS 5 SDK Tutorial And Guide Page


iOS 5 has been released and with over 200 upgrades for consumers, and the iOS 5 SDK NDA has finally been listed.

Chances are you were in the beta if you’re looking at this page, and you are aware of the many new features such as storyboards, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), GLKit, Core Image, iCloud and Twitter integration.

if you have a created a tutorial on doing something specific within the iOS 5 SDK  you’d like listed you can submit it here. Please have a downloadable example project.

For the unfamiliar a  brief summary of some of the key iOS 5 features is outlined on Apple’s iOS 5 SDK for developers page you can also navigate your way to the iOS5 sdk download page and find access to the official guide and manual through there.

On this iOS 5 tutorial page for developers I’ll be listing quality unofficial third party tutorials and guides that actually help you to do something useful, or understand complex iOS 5 programming related topics better.

Each of the tutorials listed on this page, and in other categories is tested to make sure everything works.  If you have any issues please post them in the comments.  Be sure to check out the iOS 6 tutorial and example page for working with the iOS 6 SDK after it’s official release.

Before going on to the tutorials, please share these iOS 5 tutorials with your Twitter followers by clicking here.

ManiacDev.Com Tutorials:

Easily Get Non-ARC Enabled Open Source Libraries Working In ARC Enabled Projects – A quick tutorial on using the often mentioned -fno-objc-arc flag for using non-ARC code working in automatic reference counting enabled projects. (Added 1/17/2012)

Easy Face Detection With Core Image In iOS 5 – An example project, and step by step guide on the basics of using the new face detection API added with iOS 5. (Added 11/2/2011)

Storyboard, GLKit and Core Image tutorials have been placed on their own pages:

GLKit Tutorials – This is a set of tutorials and guides covering topics such as setting up a project using GLKit through to programming a game engine. (Updated 3/8/2012)

Xcode storyboard Tutorials – Beginner and more advanced guides on utilizing the new Storyboard featured added with Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5 for creating user intferfaces. (Updated 2/15/2012)

(ARC) Automatic Reference Counting Tutorials – Guides providing an overview of exactly what ARC is, and how it works along with tutorials for dealing with specific issues related to ARC (Updated 1/3/2012)

iOS Core Image Tutorials – Examples demonstrating how to use the Core Image API added to the iOS platform within the iOS 5 developer sdk. (Updated 11/14/2011)

Other Tutorials And Resources:

iCloud And UIDocuments Beyond The Basics – A very in-depth guide on handling files and using them with the iCloud storage system. 4 parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4.(Added 5/11/2012)

Using Core Data And iCloud – A step-by-step guide on how to set up and app and use a Core Data database with the iCloud service. (Added 4/11/2012)

iOS Development Course From Stanford On iTunes Using iOS 5 – An updated version of the video course provided by Apple and Stanford using iOS 5 covering the basics of some iOS 5 features such as iCloud and Storyboards. (Added 1/3/2012)

Library And Example On Saving A Photo Gallery To iCloud – A very easy to use library allowing you to easily save and load a photo gallery to iCloud. (Added 12/1/2011)

Easy Saving Of NSUserDefaults To iCloud – A library with small guide allowing you to save NSUserDefaults automatically to iCloud by just importing the library, and running a single line of code. (Added 12/1/2011)

Making An App Work With The Newsstand – A step by step guide covering how to place an app in the newsstand, and set up subscriptions.  In 2 parts: Pt. 1, Pt. 2. (Added 11/15/2011)

Saving Photos In Custom Photo Album – A very easy to use category for using the new asset library API’s in iOS 5 specifically for creating a custom photo album for your own app’s along with a tutorial on how to use it. (11/14/2011)

How To Open The Settings App To A Specific Page – A short guide demonstrating how to use the new settings app url schemes so you can automatically start the settings app at a specific page from within apps or web pages. (11/6/2011)

Beginning iCloud in iOS 5 Tutorial – A guide on the basics of iCloud such as setting up a project to use the iCloud API and transferring files to iCloud. 2 Parts: Pt.1, Pt. 2 (11/3/2011)

Working With JSON in iOS 5 – Introduction to using the new JSON parsing functionality introduced in iOS 5 demonstration the downloading and parsing of the JSON feed from (Added 10/31/2011)

UIAlertView Text Input Tutorial – A brief tutorial showing how to use the new text input capabilities that have been added to the UIAlertView in the iOS 5 SDK. (Added 10/27/2011)

Sending A Twitter Tweet – A straightforward tutorial showing how to use the new iOS 5 Twitter API to send a tweet. (Added 10/26/2011)

Beginning Turn-Based Gaming in iOS 5 – An in-depth step-by-step tutorial showing how to get started with Game Center turn-based gaming API.  Two parts: Pt. 1, Pt. 2 (Added 10/26/2011)

User Interface Customization in iOS 5 – A step-by-step guide on how to use the new UIKit customization features in iOS 5 to easily change the look of the standard UIKit components and give a better user experience. (added 10/12/2011)

Available books (Downloadable):

Quick Note: Only books I’ve been able to check and verify the quality/content of will be placed here. If you’d like your book checked out please submit download information through the above mentioned submit form.

iOS 5 By Tutorials Book (aff) – A collection of in-depth tutorials (over 600 pages so far and still growing) covering the usage of many new iOS 5 apis with a “plethora” of example code.  Topics such as Storyboards, GLKit, the UIKit particle systems, turn based game development and much more.  See the website for details on everything covered.

If you can’t find something in the tutorials there’s a good chance it’s in the book.