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Johann Dowa

Dragonfire SDK Tutorial And Guide

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Welcome to the Dragonfire SDK tutorial and guide page.  On this page you will find a guide covering commonly asked questions along with a listing of tutorials.

This page is still under construction, and keep in mind as with all things related to iOS development the Dragonfire SDK is under constant change, and things may have changed in the meantime.  I try to keep this information as correct as possible, if you have any corrections, questions or quality tutorials you believe should be mentioned here please post about it in the comments.  Thanks.

What Is The Dragonfire SDK and What Can I do With It?

The Dragonfire SDK is a software development kit allowing you to develop iPhone and iPad apps on Windows.  Much of the functionality within the SDK is catered towards game development, but they have added new features on a consistent basis enabling the development of more types of applications.

Is The Dragonfire SDK The Official iPhone and iPad SDK For Windows?

Absolutely not.  Apple has not released an official SDK for windows.

Since I don’t need a Mac How Does It Work With Windows?

You upload your source code to the Dragonfire server, it gets compiled with the appropriate iOS files sent back to you.

Where Can I Download The Dragonfire SDK?

You can find the official site for the Dragonfire SDK here.

Where Can I Find A Getting Started Tutorial?

You can find the documentation covering how to get started here.  Some simple sample apps can be found here.  They have also created some excellent videos for getting started, here’s the Youtube channel.

Can I extend the Dragonfire SDK or am I limited by what is included within the SDK?

You are limited by what is included in the SDK.

Can I Download The Dragonfire SDK Free or get a trial?

There is no free or trial version available.

What’s the difference between the Starter kit and Ultimate?

The difference is that the starter kit only allows you to build for the simulator with the ultimate you can actually publish your apps to devices.

Is there a getting started tutorial for the Dragonfire SDK?

There is a hello world tutorial that can be found here.  Many examples can be found in the Dragonfire SDK documentation.

What Games Have Been Created With The Dragonfire SDK?

Quite a few games have been created with the Dragonfire SDK, you can see some of them at the bottom of the official page where it says new and noteworthy Dragonfire SDK apps.

Why Would I Consider Dragonfire SDK Over Alternatives Like Unity 3d, The Corona SDK, Appcelerator?

Because you really like the syntax used by the Dragonfire SDK, programming in C++, and you only have Windows.

How easy is it to use the Dragonfire SDK?

You will need to have an understanding of C++.  Overall I’d say the syntax is very simple, and you can look over their sample apps, and figure things out pretty quickly.

That’s it for now – If you have any other questions please post them below.


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