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UI Component For Parallax Header Views In React Native

Parallax headers have become a common pattern for list views and other content views. React-native-parallax-header-view is an open source UI component allowing you to easily create views with a parallax header in React Native. This version is updated from the original by yohaisengu works with newer versions of React Native (15.5.0+). With React-native-parallax-header-views you can […]

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Example: Paste From Real Life To Photoshop With A Mobile Device

Augmented reality makes for fascinating technology, but it can be difficult to come up with real use cases that could save the user time (just imagine the man-hours spent removing backgrounds by online stores). AR Cut & Paste is a project that combines background removal with augmented reality images, and posting directly in Photoshop. The […]

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In-Depth Tutorial Series On Building A Mobile App With React Native

For this year’s F8 conference Facebook has decided to open source write a series of tutorials on how they used the React Native framework to create and open source the F8 conference guide app. The tutorials provide insights into how the app was designed, how they integrated data into the app using Parse server, how […]

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React Native Component For Maps With An Extensive Feature Set

React Native Maps is an open source component allowing you to create map views with React Native on both iOS and Android. React Native Maps has many great features including: – Usage of arbirtrary react views as custom markers and callouts – Events for tracking movement, map touches, callout, and marker touches – Location support […]