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Open Source Pop-Out Pie Style Menu iOS Control With A Nice Animation Effect

Previously I mentioned a library for creating some very nice pie style popup menus.  Today I came across another open source iOS control for creating  similar pop out style views. The key differences between this control and the previously mentioned pie menu control are that this menu expands from a button in a similar style to the animated […]

Featured Development Resources iOS UI Controls iPhone Objective-C

Elegant Open Source iPhone Modal Popup Panel With Built In Navigation Bar

I’ve mentioned some great controls for making modal popups such as UAModalPanel and semi-modal popup creator KNSemiModalViewController. I’ve come across another excellent “floating” modal view library for iPhone. What makes this control different is that you have a built in nav bar that has the great look of a native control.  The view also adjusts automatically […]

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Open Source iPad Navigation Control For Stacked Views Like The Twitter App

This iPad control is a layered navigation controller similar to PSStackedView and StackScrollView. The control, FRLayeredNavigationController was inspired by the layered navigation found in the Twitter and Soundcloud apps. The API is extremely similar to the UINvaigationController in that you just push and pop your views from a stack. Here’s a demo from a real […]

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Open Source Control For Easily Creating A Path 2.0 App Style Doorway Effect

There are a number of Path 2.0 app inspired pen source projects already available and here’s another to add. There’s always new transition libraries popping up, and this week I received a tip about another transition library that allows you to create a doorway style effect similar to the one that shows when you start up the Path […]