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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Component Providing An iBooks Style PDF Reader

Some time ago I mentioned a number of components for viewing PDF files including the iBooks like PDF reading component vfr/Reader.

Here’s an open source component you can easily embed into Swift and Objective-C based apps providing a PDF document viewer that builds upon the previously mentioned vfr/Reader.

M13PDFKit provides a styling similar to that of iBooks in iOS 7+, and utilizes collection views. The expected features such as page previewing, bookmarks, and the thumbnail view are all included.

Tutorial: Building A Custom Pull-To-Refresh Control Inspired By The Periscope App

I’ve mentioned a number of custom pull-to-refresh controls and most recently mentioned INSPullToRefresh a library which simplifies building pull-to-refresh controls with custom animations.

Here’s a nice tutorial from Yari D’areglia showing how to make a pull-to-refresh control similar to that found in the periscope app.

The pull-to-refresh control neatly changes titles during pulls following the direction of the pull and release. The tutorial goes through step-by-step showing how to create the animation.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Menu Selections That Neatly Flip In And Out Of View

I’ve mentioned a number of custom menu components, most recently a scrolling top menu component that neatly unfolds into view.

Here’s an open source component for the easy creation of interesting flip menus called JGFlipMenu from Jeff Greenberg.

With JGFlipMenu selections flip to reveal a chosen view which then is neatly zooms in on-screen with a nice transition. Menus can be built within interface builder, and text, fonts, and colors can also be adjusted.

Open Source Component For Easily Adding A Customizable Shake Animation To UIView Subclasses

Shake animations are a great way to provide feedback to the user without needing to make additions to your UI and previously I mentioned a text field category for creating shake animations called UITextField+Shake.

Here’s an open source Swift component from Håkon Bogen called SingleLineShakeAnimation allowing you to easily add a configurable shake animation to a UIView.

Open Source Component For Creating Neatly Styled Cross Promotion Views For A Specific App

Late last year I mentioned a handy component for quickly creating a cross promotion table for promotion of multiple apps.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Jan Chaloupecky called TAPromotee that provides an easy way to cross promote specific apps.

TAPromotee shows a nicely styled, and easily configurable view from which users can easily install an app, or simply close the view. You can customize the headings, screenshot, and title seen in the view.