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iOS UI Controls

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Menus That Drop In With A Unique Chopping Animation

I’ve mentioned a number of great components from Yalantis most recently a component for creating tab bars that neatly fold/unfold called FoldingTabBar.

Here’s another component from Yalantis featuring a beautiful design called GuillotineMenu submitted by Maksym Lazebnyi.

GuillotineMenu allows you to create views that drop in from the navigation bar area as though attached by a hinge from a specific point with realistic physics. You can easily set the anchor point and with the included example a menu is neatly dropped in from the left toolbar button when pressed.

Open Source iOS Library For Easily Adding Animated Blur/Unblur Effects To An Image

Earlier this month I mentioned a library for creating a high performance blurring effect which could move while still maintaining a good frame rate called MSLiveBlur.

Here is an open source Swift based library for creating customizable blur animations with good performance called SABlurImageView submitted by Taiki Suzuki.

SABlurIMageView allows you to add a configurable blur effect to any image view, and you can animate with a configurable duration, and also reverse the animation.

Open Source iOS Component For Easily Making Interfaces More Dynamic With A Configurable Wobbling Effect

I’ve mentioned a few libraries for adding interesting animation effects to interface views such as AGGeometryKit-Pop which allows you to easily perform 3D transform effects for more dynamic interfaces.

Here’s an open source component from Wojtek Lukaszuk that allows you to add a neat wobbling effect to a view which is great for user interactions such as when sliding cells in a  table view called WobbleView.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Unique Moving Square Progress Indicators

I’ve mentioned a number of components for creating custom progress and activity indicators most recently the circular SwiftSpinner component.

Here’s an open source component that allows you to create unique animated square progress indicators submitted by Matthias Gansrigler called ESSquareProgressIndicator along with a guide about how the animation was created.

To use ESSquareProgressIndicator you simply need a view with its class set to ESSSquareProgressIndicator. You can customize the color and stroke width in either code or interface builder.

Open Source Swift Based Text Editing View Featuring A Great Interface And Easy Customization

Early last year I mentioned a text editing view called ZSSRichTextEditor featuring a nice iconized scrolling selector above the keyboard for easy access to textediting features.

Here’s an open source component for rich text editing from Caesar Wirth called RichEditorView that you can easily drop into an app.