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iOS UI Controls

Open Source Component Providing An AirBNB Inspired UICollectionView Layout

I’ve mentioned a number of custom UICollectionView layouts, most recently the SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout which automatically scales up/down content as it scrolls in and out of view.

Here’ s an open source component providing an Airbnb inspired collection view layout submitted by Nguyen Vinh called NVBNBCollectionView.

NVBNBCollectionView comes with a built-in header, displays images with a slight parallax effect, and uses a fixed layout.  The layout works in both portrait and landscape modes.  You can adjust the size of the different elements within the collection view.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing NVBNBCollectionView in action:

You can find NVBNBCollectionView on Github here.

A nice UICollectionView layout.

Open Source Component Providing A Neat Expanding Modal Transition

I’ve mentioned a number of custom view transitions, most recently the ZozolaZoomTransition that neatly zooms in on a specific cell zooming in the entire view hierarchy, and CKWaveCollectionViewTransition which neatly presents a collection view cell with a neat wave animation.

Here’s an open source component called DAExpandAnimation providing a nice expanding modal transition from Denis Avdeev.

DAExpandAnimation presents the view with an expanding effect, and sliding the other views out of the way.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing DAExpandAnimation in Action:


You can find DAExpandAnimation on Github here.

A nice custom modal transition.

Open Source Component Providing Token Field View That Can Be Used With Searching/Filtering

Previously I Mentioned a token view component inspired by the Mail app called ZFTokenField.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Wendy Abrantes that provides a token view that can be used for searching and filtering called WATokenFieldView.

WATokenFIledView is inspired by the UpdateStatus screen in the Facebook app, and features customizable colors, item selection, animated presentation of entries, and more.

This animation from the readme showing WATOkenFieldView in action:


You can find WATokenFieldView on Github here.

A nice component for making multiple selections.

Open Source Swift Component For Creating Customizable Two-Option Segmented Controls

Some time ago I mentioned the NYSegmentedControl component for creating customizable segmented controls.

Here’s an open source Swift based component inspired by the Runkeeper app allowing you to create customizable segmented controls with two options called DGRunKeeperSwitch.

DGRunKeeperSwitch allows you to customize the titles seen within the switch, the fonts, the colors, and the size of the switch. The switch animates neatly as expected between the options.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing DGRunKeeperSwitch in action:


You can find DGRunkeeperSwitch on Github here.

A great component for creating custom segmented controls.

Open Source Library Providing A Wide Variety Of Great Looking Text Field Animations

Early this year I mentioned the TextFieldEffects library providing a number of text field effects that you can use within an app to draw a user’s attention, and spruce up the look of basic text fields.

Here’s an open source library submitted by Mukesh inspired by TextFieldEffects providing even more interesting text field components with neat animation effects called MMTextFieldEffects.

This video shows different text field effects in action:

You can find MMTextFieldEffects on Github here.

You can visit the Tympanus site to see the web text field effects that inspired TextFieldEffects and MMTextFieldEffects.

A nice library for unique text field effects.