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iOS UI Controls

Open Source Component Enhancing The Back Button With View History Navigation

Earlier this month I mentioned a component called iOS-multi-back-button providing a popover allowing users to navigate through their view history.

Here’s a component submitted by Taiki Suzuki that similarly adds navigation through previously seen views called SAHistoryNavigationViewController.

Like iOS-multi-back-button users can navigate through views with a long press, but rather than bring up a popover SAHistoryNavigationViewController zooms out and allows users to swipe and choose between views.

Here’s an image showing SAHistoryNavigationViewController in action:

Open Source Component For Creating Sophisticated Animated Text Labels

I’ve mentioned some excellent open source projects from Yalantis including a component for great looking scrolling iconized top menus, an  iconized side menu component with slick animations, a great example of a pull-to-refresh implementation with an expanding animation.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Nikita of Yalantis that provides a custom label allowing you to easily apply animations to the text, and even individual layers within the label.

Open Source Component Providing A Nice Photos App Inspired UI For Editing Images

Earlier this month I mentioned a nice library providing a great customizable UI for working with the camera.

Here’s an open source component for working with photos providing an interface inspired by iOS 8’s Photos app called PhotoTweaks from itouch2.

PhotoTweaks provides an interface for cropping, moving, rotating, and scaling images that can easily be dropped into an app with methods for easily grabbing the modified image.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Great Looking Iconized Flip Buttons

I’ve mentioned a number of components providing great looking custom animated buttons most recently an expanding button inspired by Google Material Design.

Here’s a library from Neopixl allowing you to create great looking circular buttons that flip when state changes called NPButtonFlip.

With NPButtonFlip you can customize the colors, the icons used when the buttons are flipped on and flipped off, and you can add text within the button.

Open Source iOS Component Providing A Video Trimmer Inspired By Instagram

Some time ago I mentioned the SAVideoRangeSlider video trimmer component.

Here’s an open source component that builds upon SAVideoRangeSlider called ICGVideoTrimmer from Huong Do.

ICGVideoTrimmer adds features to SAVideoRangeSlider including an Instagram inspired design, loading of video frames asynchronously, and can be placed using interface builder.

You can adjust the colors, choose whether or not show the time indicator, and change the design used for the thumb sliders.