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iOS UI Controls

Open Source Library Providing A Number Of Material Design Inspired UI Components

I’ve mentioned a number of projects inspired by Google Material Design most recently a neat expanding transition component called JTMaterialDeisgn.

Here’s a submitted open source project by FTP Software providing even more Material Design inspired components called Material-Controls-For-iOS.

Material-Controls-For-iOS provides 12 components in total including buttons, tableview cells, progress indicators, sliders, switches, tabbars, text fields, toast messages, date picker, and time picker.

Here’s an image showing the included time picker control in action:

Open Source iOS Component Providing 20+ Uniquely Styled Activity Indicators

Earlier this year I mentioned the DGActivityIndicator library providing 6 uniquely styled activity indicators.

Here’s an open source component from Nguyen Vinh called NVActivityIndicatorView built from DGActivityIndicator that provides even more unique spinning animations that can be used for indicating activity.

NVActivityINdicatorView allows you to specify the size, and color of each indicator and provides over 20 indicators.

Here’s an animation showing NVActivityIndicatorView in action:


You can find NVActivityIndicatorView on Github here.

Open Source Swift Component For Easily Creating Informative Tooltips

About a year ago I mentioned the objective-c AMPopTip component for creating tooltips.

Here’s an open source Swift component that allows you to easily create tooltip bubbles with a wide variety of customization options called EasyTipView from Teodor Patra?.

EasyTipView automatically positions the tooltip message, and presents the tooltips with nice animation.  The tooltips automatically handle orientation changes, and allows customization of colors, fonts, alignment, and arrow position.

Here’s an image showing EasyTipView in action:

Open Source iOS Component Allowing You To Provide Users With Image Annotation Capabilities

I’ve mentioned a few resources to help in creating drawing apps, such as the open source Brushes app.

Here’s an open source component that you can drop into your apps called Jot that makes it easier for users to annotate images called Jot from IFTTT.

With Jott users can draw arrows, circles, and add text which can be rotated and resized. This is a nice addition for drawing and photo apps.

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Customizable UI Icons With Neat Transitions

Some time ago I mentioned a library for creating navigation icons with neat transitions between them called FRDLivelyButton.

Here’s an open source library that allows you to create icons that neatly translate to another with a wide variety of customization options called TBIconTransitionKit from Alexey Belezeko.

The transition animate both ways, and the library includes common icons.  You can customize the look of the icons – change the shapes, line, spacing, line width and more.