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iOS UI Controls

Open Source Swift Component Allowing You To Add A Neat Twinkling Effect To A UIView

Last year I mentioned a component from Facebook called Shimmer allowing you to create a shimmering effect like that used for loading stats in the Facebook Paper app.

Here’s an open source Swift component called Twinkle from Patrick Piemonte that could be used for the same purpose that allows you to easily apply a great twinkling effect to a view.

Here’s an image from the readme showing off Twinkle:

Tutorial And Source: An Image Loader Component With An Interesting Expanding Circular Animation

Some time ago I mentioned a nice tutorial on creating buttons that neatly animate from one button shape to another using Core Graphics.

Here’s an open source image loader from Rouak Jain called RJImageLoader component providing an interesting animation with a circular image loading indicator, and then image moves out from the circle. Rouak has also written a tutorial outlining how the component was created.

Open Source UICollectionView Layout Component For Great Looking Mosaic Photo Galleries

I’ve mentioned a number of excellent custom UICollectionView components most recently a card style layout with nice 3d transitions on swipe called RGCardViewLayout.

Here’s an open source component providing a UICollectionViewFlowLayout allowing you to easily implement a mosaic style layout inspired by the layout used by the photo area of Facebook called FMMosaicLayout from Fluid Media Inc.

FMMosaicLayout provides a number of customization options allowing you to adjust the cell size, insects, and spacing, and can be used within the Xcode storyboards tool or programatically.

Open Source iOS Component For Creating Simple Stylish Alerts With Great Animations

Late last year I mentioned a nice iOS component for creating alert views inspired by the SweetAlert javascript.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Mayur Joshi allowing you to easily create stylish alert views with a neat animation effect called MJAlertView.

MJAlertView uses 3D transforms to create its neat pop-in and pop-out animation and you can customize the colors, animation and transform values for the alerts.

These animations from the readme show MJAlertView in action:

Open Source Swift Button Component With Neat Animation Effects

Late last year I mentioned an interesting an interesting switch that has an animated fill effect when turned on called RAMPaperSwitch.

Here’s an open source Swift component called ZmaterialDesignUIButton that allows you to create a button that moves with changing images inspired by Google Material Design.

ZMaterialDesignUIButton will fill it’s parent view based on a specified background color, and you can set the images to be shown when the view expands and contracts.