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iOS Programming Tools And Utilities

This are is for tools related to iOS development. Any developer tools are featured here, although typically only iOS developer tools will be posted. In the past we have posted tools for tile mapping, app tracking, code generation and more.

If you would like to add a tool please submit it here.

Tool For Easy iOS Code Signing Among Teams By Securely Sharing Identities

I’ve mentioned some of the open source fastlane tools most recently the Scan test-running tool.

Here’s another tool from the Fastlane group of tools created to help in code signing among teams called Match.

Code singing among teams has been an ongoing issue since most teams have needed to have different identities for each team member. Match uses git so that an entire team can share your code signing identity and profiles across multiple machines. The information is kept secure using encryption, and a passphrase.

Tool/App For Easily Debugging iOS Push Notifications

Some time ago I mentioned a nice desktop tool for sending push notifications.

Here’s an open source tool called Knuff that takes things a step further in making it very easy to debug push notifications.

Knuff consists of both a desktop tool, and an app and can automatically detect devices, grab the certificate off your keychain, automatic detection of a sandbox environment, support error response codes and more.

Tool: An Xcode Plugin For Refactoring Swift Code

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins to aid in overcoming Xcode’s limitations, and unfortunately Xcode still has some limitations when working with Swift code.

Here’s an Xcode plugin from John Holdsworth that provides basic Refactoring of Swift Code called Refactorator that helps you to overcome one of those limitations.  Refactorator provides a nice interface for previewing your Refactoring.

As the readme states:

Open Source Tool/Library For App Creation In Interface Builder Complete With Animations

Some time ago I mentioned a neat library allowing you to implement many different UI animations within interface builder called Canvas.

Here’s an open source tool/library from Jake Lin that allows you to take things a step further allowing you to create your UI within interface builder, and add animations and interactions allowing you to create simple apps visually without a single line of code.

As the readme states:

Xcode Plugin That Allows You To Execute Specific Code Selections

Have you ever wanted to test out a small snippet of code in Xcode without executing the whole program?

Here’s an Xcode plugin that allows you to run a small piece of code within your project simply by highlighting the code you want to run, and pressing the instant run hotkey.  A great plugin for testing small snippets of code.

This animation from the readme shows VWInstantRun in action: