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iOS Programming Tools And Utilities

This are is for tools related to iOS development. Any developer tools are featured here, although typically only iOS developer tools will be posted. In the past we have posted tools for tile mapping, app tracking, code generation and more.

If you would like to add a tool please submit it here.

Open Source Tool For Easily Importing Design Assets Into An Xcode Project

Importing design assets can be a tedious task, and here’s an open source tool submitted by Bader of Sourcebits that allows you to do it quickly and easily by simply dragging a folder called Asset-Generator-Mac.

As stated in the submission e-mail:

Asset Generator is a tool we’ve been using internally, which we just open-sourced, to aid working with Xcode asset catalog. We wanted to create a simple way to integrate our artwork slices from design to development while focusing on speed and ease of use.

A Handy Ruby Gem For Quickly And Easily Communicating With The Apple Developer Center

Late last year I mentioned a handy Ruby gem for communicating with the apple developer center so you can perform many useful functions such as downloading and updating provisioning profiles called Sigh.

Here’s a handy Ruby gem that makes it easy to work with the apple developer center supporting all operations you can do with the browser from fastlane that runs faster than Sigh.

Open Source iOS Tool For Optimizing UITableViewCells For Fast Scrolling

Keeping UITableView’s scrolling fast can be especially difficult with images, and I’ve mentioned a few resources such as Haneke which allows for easy image caching.

Here’s an open source tool from Di Wu that makes it easier to optimize tableviews by allowing you to quickly find cells that take too long to render.

Open Source iOS Toolset For Debugging Allows Viewing Of Network Requests And More In Browser

Some time ago I mentioned the PonyDebugger tool allowing you to see network connection, view hierarchy, and core data details remotely for easier debugging.

Here’s an open source dbeugging toolset called OCDebugger submitted by Pony with a number of nice features.

OCDebugger is similar to PonyDebugger in that it allows you access to debugging tools in browser, but doesn’t require you to use Chrome Developer tools working with Safari, Chrome, Firefox or IE 10+.

Tool: An Xcode Plugin Enabling Collaborative Code Editing Using Bonjour Networking

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins most recently an Xcode plugin adding many useful text selection, copying, and deletion commands.

Here’s an Xcode plugin that allows for easy collaborative code editing called CoPilot from frustruktur.

CoPilot uses bonjour networking allowing you to quickly set up one Xcode window as the server, and have others connect over the network. You can alternatively enter an IP address to connect.