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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source UIColor Extension Library Providing Access To 1200+ Colors By Name

I’ve mentioned a number of color helper libraries most recently a library providing colors for creating gradients, and a library for grabbing flat colors based on an image.

Here’s a UIColor extension library submitted by Reid Gravelle called Rainbow that makes a large number of colors usable by name.

Rainbow contains over 1200 colors including many crayola colors and a helper to make the RGB values more readable by not requiring division by 255.

Open Source iOS Library Allows Detection Of Control Center Opening And Adaptive Rounded Corners

Earlier this month I mentioned a library from Aaron Abentheur for creating user interfaces using gesture detection on the camera feed.

Here’s another interesting library submitted by Aaron for making apps a little more polished called AAWIndow providing a UIWindow subclass that allows for detection when a user opens control center, and provides adaptive rounded corners.

Open Source iOS Library For Using The Camera With A Highly Customizable Resolution Adaptable UI

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for working with the camera most recently a library that features high performance processing of high resolution images.

Here’s an open source library submitted by Gabriel Alvarado for working with the camera providing a highly customizable resolution adaptable interface called Customizable Camera that can overlay over any presented view.

Here is a list of features of Cool Camera as stated in the readme:

Open Source iOS Library That Sends Notifications Based On Facial Gestures Detected

Late last year I mentioned a nice example project showing how to use facial gesture detection on the camera feed.

Here’s an interesting Swift based library called AAFaceDetection/Visage from Aaron Abentheuer that makes it easier to work with gesture detection on the camera feed for experimenting with the creation of user interfaces that use facial gestures.

Visage will automatically send NSNotifications when different gestures are detected such as smiling, blinking, winking, opening and closing eyes and more.

Open Source iOS Library For Easily Creating Condensing Headers With a Great Deal Of Flexibility

Condensing headers atop a scrolling view are seen in many popular apps and here’s a library from Bryan Keller called BKFlexibleHeightBar allowing you to create condensing header bars with a great deal of flexibility.

With BKFlexibleHeightBar you can include subviews within the header with different coloring and layout options,  set up custom snapping behaviors, and more.  Demo projects are included showing how to set up Facebook, and Square Cash style condensing bars.