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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source Libraries For Communicating With Rest Services And Mapping JSON Data

I’ve mentioned a number of tools and libraries for working with rest services, most recently an Xcode plugin and command line tool for auto-generating code.

Here are a couple of libraries submitted by Logan Wright designed to simplify interaction with REST web services and handling JSON data with a syntax that is as minimalistic as possible while still allowing for customization for Swift and Objective-C users.

Open Source Library Allowing You To Theme iOS User Interfaces With CSS And Change At Runtime

Some time ago I mentioned a handy library allowing you to theme your user interfaces within plist files called RNThemeManager.

Here’s an open source library called Motif submitted by Eric Horacek allowing you to theme user interfaces using a CSS style syntax, and easily change the look of your interface dynamically at runtime.

There are a number of examples included showing how to theme buttons, and change the look of your interface based on the user adjusting their brightness settings as inspired by the Tweetbot interface.

Open Source Library For Creating Curved Table View Layouts That Follow A UIBezierPath

Some time ago I mentioned a library allowing you to create table views with unique wacky table view animations including a wave style layout called ADLivelyTableView.

Here’s an interesting component providing a custom UITableView called COBezierTableView from Knut Inge Grosland that allows you to make your table view cells move along a specified UIBezierPath.

With COBezierTableView a project is included allowing you to easily make custom curved bezier paths so you can easily make the custom curved layout of your choice.

Open Source Library For Higher Scrolling Performance By Pre-Calculating Text Label Size

Early last year I mentioned a library providing a drop in replacement UITableViewCell or UICollectionViewCell that improved the performance when drawing static cells by using CoreGraphics called WCFastCell.

Here’s an open source library submitted by Danil Gontovnik that allows you to improve performance with dynamic table view and UICollectionView cells by pre-calculating the size of a text layout.

An example is included showing how to use DGDrawingLabel to create a high scrolling performance table view with dynamic cells.

Open Source Swift Library For Easy Asynchronous Image Downloading And Caching

Some time ago I mentioned the SDWebImage library which has been very popular for downloading and caching images with objective-c.

Here’s an open source Swift based library inspired by SDWebImage for easy downloading and caching of images called Kingfisher from Wei Wang with a number of nice features.

Kingfisher provides asynchronous downloading and caching, memory and disk caching, a clean syntax, and more. You can use the downloader or caching functions separately, and there are functions for managing the cache.