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iOS Development Libraries

This category mainly features open source libraries for iOS development. Any library relevant for iOS developers can be posted here, that includes libraries specifically for game development on the iPhone and iPad.

If you would like to add a library please submit it here.

Open Source Framework Simplifying Creation Of Networking Code With A Configurable Local Server

I’ve mentioned a couple of libraries to help when developing networking code such as Nocilla for stubbing http requests with a simple syntax.

Here’s a framework from Mutual Mobile that simplifies testing of your networking code called Barricade with support for more advanced responses.

Barricade allows you to set up a local server within your apps, and sends your networking requests to the server allowing you to set up custom responses to those requests with support for multiple requests. All networking that use foundation’s URL loading such as NSURLSession, and NSURLConnection, and most networking libraries can go through barricade.

Open Source Component Providing A Custom Pull-To-Refresh Animation For Cooking Apps

Earlier this year I mentioned a great example of a pull-to-refresh animation from Yalantis called Rentals and a library for

Here’s another great example from Yalatnis that utilizes the customizable pull-to-refresh library providing an interesting animated pull-to-refresh view which could be great for cooking apps called PullToMakeSoup and a library for creating your own custom Pull-To-Refresh animations.

Each step of the animation neatly appears as the user pulls down on the UIScrollView.

Open Source Swift Networking Library Providing Easy Multi-Part File Uploading

I’ve mentioned a few Swift networking library most recently the python-requests inspired Just library.

Here’s an open source Swift networking library that for large file uploads called Pitaya from JohnLui.

Pitaya features fast multipart uploading, can run asynchronously, and has a nice clean syntax. There is support for basic authorization along with basic file downloading. A set of examples is included.

This code example from the readme shows how to perform a basic file upload:

Open Source Swift Library Providing An NSLog Replacement For Better Logging Statements

I’ve mentioned a few libraries providing an alternative to NSLog, most recently the XLFacility library which features remote viewing of logging messages in real-time.

Here’s a Swift based logging library called CleanRoomLogger from Gilt Tech with a number of nice features.

CleanRoomLogger allows you to set a severity level for your messages, indicates the line of code from which the log message was generated, and a trace function. You can also extend CleanRoomerLogger with custom filters and formatters, and an API for easy configuration.

Open Source Library For Visualizing Touches For Swift Based Apps

I’ve mentioned a few projects for displaying touches for presenting apps, but using these libraries with Swift requires some changes to your apps.

Here’s an open source Swift library for visualizing touches that works easily with Swift apps called TouchVisualizer from Morita Naoki and only takes a single line of code to start and stop visualizations.

TouchVisualizer supports multi-touch, can show touch radius and duration and allows you to change the colors and images used for displaying touches.