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iOS Development Source Code Examples

This section is for app source code examples and code snippets that do not come with an in-depth tutorial.

Code Example: An Apple Watch Pomodora Technique App With A Great UI

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for the Apple Watch, most recently an example of an Apple Watch app for controlling a Tesla car.

Here’s a Swift based code example from Kenny Tang providing a an Apple Watch Pomodoro technique inspired time management app with a number of nice features called Cherry.

Cherry has a nice clean interface design, features Core Data based persistence, and Glances for showing activity and allowing you to jump straight into the watch app.

Example Code: A Pull-To-Refresh Control Providing A Breakout Game On Pulls Using SpriteKit

I’ve mentioned some interesting pull-to-refresh components in the past such as this pull-to-refresh control that plays pong, and another pull-to-refresh component with a functional stargate.

Here’s an open source pull-to-refresh example component allowing the user to play a BreakOut like game while pulling called BreakOutToRefresh from Dominik Hauser.

BreakOutToRefresh uses SpriteKit for the game, and provides a nice example on how to create advanced animations and games in a pull-to-refresh view.

Example: A WatchKit App For Controlling A Tesla Car With An Apple Watch

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for working with WatchKit, most recently a tutorial on building a simple WatchKit guessing game.

Here’s an extensive WatchKit example providing an app with a controlling a Tesla car from ELEKS.

The example app does an excellent job of providing a beautiful user interface despite some of the limitations of WatchKit release (such as no digital crown access, and flipbook animations), and works with the Tesla API.

Example: Creating Facebook Inspired Swipe-To-Reveal Back Menus

I’ve mentioned a few components inspired by Facebook’s Creative Labs applications most recently Swift Panoramic which provides a component for displaying panoramic photos with tilt gesture based control.

Here’s an example project BackMenu from Guy Kahlon inspired by Facebook’s Paper, Slingshot and Groups Apps that show’s how to create swipe to reveal pop-in menus.

Example: An iOS Pull-To-Refresh Control Displaying An Image Based Animation On Refresh

I’ve mentioned a number of projects providing custom pull-to-refresh implementations most recently this component with easily customizable animations based on a set of drawing coordinates provided in a plist file.

Here’s a nice example from Yalantis of a custom pull to refresh implementation that animates and expands at the top of the view when pulling called Pull To Refresh Rentals.

PullToRefresh Rentals uses 3 images for the background, foreground, and sun images that you could customize to quickly change the look.