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iOS Development Source Code Examples

This section is for app source code examples and code snippets that do not come with an in-depth tutorial.

A Set Of Apple Watch Example Projects For Learning WatchKit

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice WatchKit code example of a time management app inspired by the Pomodoro technique.

Here’s a nice set of example projects from Konstantin Koval created to aid in learning WatchKit development.

The examples include:

Examples: Common Data Structures And Algorithms Implemented In Swift

Last year I mentioned a nice collection of design patterns implemented in Swift.

Here’s a project from Wayne Bishop that provides a number of examples of many different data structures implemented in Swift, and also a number of commonly seen algorithms.

Here’s a list of the algorithms within Swift Structures as stated within the readme:

Code Example: An Apple Watch Pomodoro Technique App With A Great UI

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for the Apple Watch, most recently an example of an Apple Watch app for controlling a Tesla car.

Here’s a Swift based code example from Kenny Tang providing a an Apple Watch Pomodoro technique inspired time management app with a number of nice features called Cherry.

Cherry has a nice clean interface design, features Core Data based persistence, and Glances for showing activity and allowing you to jump straight into the watch app.

Example Code: A Pull-To-Refresh Control Providing A Breakout Game On Pulls Using SpriteKit

I’ve mentioned some interesting pull-to-refresh components in the past such as this pull-to-refresh control that plays pong, and another pull-to-refresh component with a functional stargate.

Here’s an open source pull-to-refresh example component allowing the user to play a BreakOut like game while pulling called BreakOutToRefresh from Dominik Hauser.

BreakOutToRefresh uses SpriteKit for the game, and provides a nice example on how to create advanced animations and games in a pull-to-refresh view.

Example: A WatchKit App For Controlling A Tesla Car With An Apple Watch

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for working with WatchKit, most recently a tutorial on building a simple WatchKit guessing game.

Here’s an extensive WatchKit example providing an app with a controlling a Tesla car from ELEKS.

The example app does an excellent job of providing a beautiful user interface despite some of the limitations of WatchKit release (such as no digital crown access, and flipbook animations), and works with the Tesla API.