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DB Library For Working With Data In Hybrid Apps & PWA’s

One of the difficulties with developing hybrid apps is passing data between views and persisting information between app sessions. Minimongo is an implementation of a MongoDB like database that can run within the browser. The database can be stored in memory, in IndexedDB (browser based storage), or persisted with SQLite using the Cordova plugin for…

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UI Component For Parallax Header Views In React Native

Parallax headers have become a common pattern for list views and other content views. React-native-parallax-header-view is an open source UI component allowing you to easily create views with a parallax header in React Native. This version is updated from the original by yohaisengu works with newer versions of React Native (15.5.0+). With React-native-parallax-header-views you can…

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SwiftUIX – A SwiftUI Helper Library Filling In The Gaps of SwiftUI

While SwiftUI is excellent there are some issues when dealing with missing components, and often needing to interface with UIKit. SwiftUIX is a project that aims to fill the gaps providing many missing components with a simple coding style. There are also some other helpers included such as helpers for color, control flow, and custom…

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DoraemonKit – In App Toolkit For Faster Native iOS And Android Development

DoraemonKit is an open source in app tool that helps speed up native iOS & Android development and testing. With DoraemonKit you get a nice interface from which you can tweak numerous values such as GPS coordinates. Some of the features of DoraemonKit: Mocking GPS Coordinates Checking for operations in sub-threads CPU, memory, network usage…

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Example: Paste From Real Life To Photoshop With A Mobile Device

Augmented reality makes for fascinating technology, but it can be difficult to come up with real use cases that could save the user time (just imagine the man-hours spent removing backgrounds by online stores). AR Cut & Paste is a project that combines background removal with augmented reality images, and posting directly in Photoshop. The…