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Johann Dowa

FengNiao – Easy To Use Command Line Tool For Cleaning Up Unused Image Resources In An Xcode Project

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FengNiao is an open source command-line tool from Wei Wang for cleaning up unused image resources in your Xcode projects.

FengNiao is configurable at the command line where you can specify which files are to be searched through, and which types of unused images to be removed. You can include FengNiao within Xcode’s build phase for automatic cleanup.

These are the options presented by Fengniao’s command line help:

-p, –project:
Root path of your Xcode project. Default is current folder.
Delete the found unused files without asking.
-e, –exclude:
Exclude paths from search.
-r, –resource-extensions:
Resource file extensions need to be searched. Default is ‘imageset jpg png gif’
-f, –file-extensions:
In which types of files we should search for resource usage. Default is ‘m mm swift xib storyboard’
-h, –help:
Prints this help message.

You can find FengNiao on Github here.

A nice easy to use tool for cleaning up unused resources.

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