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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

TextStyle – A Swift Library Allowing You To Easily Manage Text Styles


TextSTyle is an open source swift library from Yalantis that provides a declarative syntax for defining typefaces with some nice extras.

With TextStyle you can quickly define all the fonts to use for a specific font family like this:

let helvetica = Font(
       light: "Helvetica-Light",
       lightItalic: "Helvetica-LightOblique",
       regular: "Helvetica",
       italic: "Helvetica-Oblique",
       bold: "Helvetica-Bold",
       boldItalic: «Helvetica-BoldOblique")

And also quickly access the different styles like in this example showing how one could utilize the defined bold font:

let header = plainText.withSize(18.0).uppercase().bold()

You can also change the thickness, and color attributes and more.

You can read more about TextStyle on the Yalantis blog.

You can find TextStyle on Github here.

A great library for defining text styles.


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