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Sourcery – A Swift Code Generation Tool That Saves Time And Adds Metaprogramming Features

Sourcery is a code generation tool from Krzysztof Zab?ocki that can dramatically reduce the amount of Swift boilerplate code you need to write, and brings meta-programming to Swift.

As the readme states:

Sourcery is a tool that scans your source code, applies your personal templates and generates Swift code for you, allowing you to use meta-programming techniques to save time and decrease potential mistakes.

– Scans your project code.
– Allows your templates to access information about project types.
– Generates swift code.
– Immediate feedback: Sourcery features built-in daemon support, allowing you to write your templates in real-time side-by-side with generated code.

This shows the Daemon mode of Sourcery in action:


You can find Sourcery on Github here.

A great time-saving open source tool for Swift programmers.