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Malert – Swift Based iOS Alert View Component Featuring Easy Customization

Malert is an open source Swift based alert view component from Vitor Mesquita featuring a wide variety of customizations.

With Malert you can easily display your alert views with images, form fields, and multiple buttons to make unique alerts. You can also customize the animations, colors, fonts, and queue a series of alerts.

BUttons included within the alert view can also be customized.

These snippets from the readme show the customizable attributes of views and buttons created with Malert:

//Defaults attr malertView
var malertAppearance = MalertView.appearance()

malertAppearance.backgroundColor    : UIColor                 = .white
malertAppearance.cornerRadius       : CGFloat                 = 6
malertAppearance.textColor          : UIColor                 = .black
malertAppearance.textAlign          : NSTextAlignment         = .left
malertAppearance.buttonsAxis        : UILayoutConstraintAxis  = .vertical
malertAppearance.margin             : CGFloat                 = 0
malertAppearance.titleFont          : UIFont                  = UIFont()
malertAppearance.buttonsMargin      : CGFloat                 = 0
malertAppearance.buttonsSpace       : CGFloat                 = 0
//Defaults attr malertButton
var malertButtonAppearance = MalertButton.appearance()

malertButtonAppearence.tintColor       : UIColor = .black
malertButtonAppearance.backgroundColor : UIColor = .clear
malertButtonAppearance.height          : CGFloat = 33
malertButtonAppearance.separatorColor  : UIColor = UIColor(white: 0.8, alpha: 1)


This animation from the readme shows a custom alert view with two buttons:


You can find Malert on Github here.

A nice custom Swift based alert view component.