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Johann Dowa

iOSMath – Open Source iOS Component For Drawing Math Formulas Using LaTeX Markup

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iOSMath is an open source component from Kostub Deshmukh for displaying math equations in iOS applications within a UILabel type class.

Equations in iOSMath are created using the popular LaTeX mathematics markup format and the following formula types are supported by the library according to the readme:

  • Simple algebraic equations
  • Fractions and continued fractions
  • Exponents and subscripts
  • Trigonometric formulae
  • Square roots and n-th roots
  • Calculus symbos – limits, derivatives, integrals
  • Big operators (e.g. product, sum)
  • Big delimiters (using \left and \right)
  • Greek alphabet
  • Combinatorics (\binom, \choose etc.)
  • Geometry symbols (e.g. angle, congruence etc.)
  • Ratios, proportions, percents
  • Math spacing
  • Overline and underline
  • Math accents
  • Matrices
  • Equation alignment
  • Most commonly used math symbols

Here is an image from the readme showing a formula drawn using iosMath:


You can find iosMath on Github here.

A great component for drawing math formulas.

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