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PXCTest – Open Source Tool For Parallel Running Of XCTest Suites In Multiple iOS Simulators

PXCTest is an open source tool from Johannes Plunien that allows you to run XCTest tests in parallel.

PXCTest allows you to specify the device types, and operating systems for each of the simulators along with other simulator preferences.

This snippet from the readme shows the syntax used to create two simulator destinations:

pxctest \
run-tests \
–destination ‘name=iPhone 5,os=iOS 9.3’ \
–destination ‘name=iPhone 5,os=iOS 10.1’ \
–testrun build/Products/MyApp_iphonesimulator10.1-i386.xctestrun

Here’s an animation from the readme showing PXCTest running a test on two simulators::


You can find PXCTest on Github here.

A great tool for better testing.