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A Series Of Examples And Tutorials Featuring Many Of The Best iOS 10 Features

There are a number of great new features added with the iOS 10 SDK and Shinobi Controls have made an in-depth series of tutorials showing how to use many of them.

The topics covered within the tutorials include

  • Create a simple Battleship like game as a Messages app extension
  • Using Xcode’s Thread Sanitizer to avoid data race conditions
  • Creating a simple Xcode Source Editor Extension
  • Performing animations with the new UIViewPropertyAnimator
  • Create and display local notifications
  • Creating custom notifications with richer content
  • Using the Measurement API for unit conversion
  • Using speech recognition
  • Integrating an app with Siri using Siri Intents
  • Customizing the user interface siri displays when displaying content provided by your app

You can find the tutorials on the Shinobi Controls blog.

You can access the source code for the tutorials on Github here.

A great set of tutorials on many of the best new features added with iOS 10.