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React Native Elements – React Native UI Component Collection And Starter Project

React Native Elements from Nader Dabit provides an extensive collection of great looking cross-platform components for creating user interfaces with React Native.

Some of the user interface elements within the project include:

  • Buttons with icon and drop shadow support
  • Social icons
  • Side Menus
  • Search Bars
  • List elements
  • Form Elements
  • Cards

There is also the React Native Hackathon Starter Kit which provides a starter project for working with react native that includes React Native elements.

This image from the React Native Elements readme shows some of the included UI elements:


You can find React Native Elements on Github here.

You can find the React Native Hackathon Starter Kit on Github here.

You can also read more about React Native Elements on Nader Dabit’s blog.

A nice collection of UI components for React Native and a project to get started quickly