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iOS 10 Sampler – A Set Of Examples For Many Of The New Features Added With The iOS 10 SDK

iOS 10 has added a number of excellent new features to the iOS platform, here’s a set of examples called the iOS 10 sampler from shu223.

Some of the examples include:

  • Digit detection and image recognition using the Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) kernel of the Metal Performance Shaders framework
  • Notification creation with an image using UserNotifications
  • Using NSPersistentContainer to manage a Core Data stack
  • Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator
  • using mapItem for location suggestions
  • Speech recognition with the Speech Framework
  • A sticker pack for iMessage

You can find the iOS 10 Sampler on Github here.

A nice set of examples for many of the new iOS 10 features.

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