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Spots – View Controller Framework With Support For JSON Based Views

Spots is an open source view controller framework from HyperOslo that provides a multitude of features that simplify working with views, and allows you to create views from JSON data allowing you to create view models based on data in the cloud.

Some of the features of Spots as stated in the readme include:

JSON based views that could be served up by your backend.
Supports displaying multiple collections, tables or regular views in the same container.
Features both infinity scrolling and pull to refresh, all you have to do is to setup delegates that conform to the public protocols on SpotsController.
No need to implement your own data source, every Spotable object has their own set of ViewModel’s. which is maintained internally and is there at your disposable if you decide to make changes to them.
Easy configuration of UICollectionView’s, UITableView’s and any custom spot implementation that you add. This improves code reuse and helps to theme your app and ultimately keep your application consistent.
Support custom Spots, all you need to do is to conform to Spotable
A rich public API for appending, prepending, inserting, updating or deleting ViewModels.
Features three different spots out-of-the-box; CarouselSpot, GridSpot, ListSpot
Static custom cell registrations for all Spotable objects. Write one view cell and use it across your application, when and where you want to use it.
Cell height caching, this improves performance as each cell has its height stored as a calculated value. on the view model.
Supports multiple cell types inside the same data source, no more ugly if-statements in your implementation; Spots handles this for you by using a cell registry.

You can find Spots on Github here.

A great library for creating custom views.