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In-Depth Tutorial Series On Building A Mobile App With React Native

For this year’s F8 conference Facebook has decided to open source write a series of tutorials on how they used the React Native framework to create and open source the F8 conference guide app.

The tutorials provide insights into how the app was designed, how they integrated data into the app using Parse server, how the app was tested, and how you can set up your environment for the app.

The tutorials and app use a number of the open source projects from Facebook including React Native, Flow, Flux, GraphQL, Jest, Relay, Redux and the Nuclide IDE.

Here are a few screenshots of the F8 app from the App Store:

F8 App

F8 App

You can find the tutorial series on the Makeitopen site.

You can find the app on the App Store here.

A nice guide for those looking to create mobile apps with React Native.