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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

An Open Source Swift Web Framework Inspired By Express.js And Play


Swift Express is a Swift based web framework with an Express.js and the Scala/Java Play web frameworks.

As the readme states:

Swift essentially is a new generation programming language combining simplicity and all the modern stuff like functional programming.

We were inspired (and thus influenced) mainly by two modern web frameworks: Express.js and Play. So, we are trying to combine the best of both worlds taking simplicity from Express.js and modern robust approach of Play.

The features of Swift Express Include:

Operation on both Linux and OS X
100% Asynchronous (with a futures based API)
Simple Routing
Full MVC support
Template Support (Stencil and Mustache)
JSON support

This code snippet from the demo page shows how one could write a simple Hello World demo:

app.get("/hello") { request in
    return Action.ok(
            str: "

<h1><center>Hello Express!!!</center></h1>

            contentType: "text/html"

Swift Express was submitted by Sofia of Crossroad Labs.

You can find Swift Express on the homepage.

Also be sure to check out the demo page for code examples.

A nice library for those looking to utilize their Swift skills in web development.


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