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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

AIToolBox – Swift Based Library Providing An Extension Collection Of AI Helper Modules


AIToolBox is an open source library Swift library from Kevin Coble providing a multitude of AI modules.

The modules include genetic algorithm helpers, graphs/trees, alpha-beta, neural networks and more. The Accelerate framework is used to speed up computations.

This listing from the readme shows the different algorithms included:

    Depth-first search
    Breadth-first search
    Hill-climb search
    Beam Search
    Optimal Path search

Alpha-Beta (game tree)

Genetic Algorithms
    integer/double alleles

Constraint Propogation
    i.e. 3-color map problem

Linear Regression
    arbitrary function in model
    convenience constructor for standard polygons
    Least-squares error

Neural Networks
    multiple layers, several non-linearity models
    on-line and batch training
    simple network training using GPU via Apple's Metal

Support Vector Machine
    More-than-2 classes classification

    unlabelled data grouping

Principal Component Analysis
    data dimension reduction

Markov Decision Process
    value iteration
    policy iteration
    fitted value iteration for continuous state MDPs - uses Linear Regression class for fit
            (see my MDPRobot project on github for an example use)

    Single variable
    Multivariate - with full covariance matrix or diagonal only

Mixture Of Gaussians
    Learn density function of a mixture of gaussians from data
    EM algorithm to converge model with data

You can find AIToolbox on Github here.

A nice collection of AI helpers.


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