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Tool: An Xcode Plugin Adding Many Useful Text Selection, Copying, And Deletion Commands

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins, most recently a plugin for easily creating templates from a group of files within Xcode.

Here’s an Xcode plugin from Christoffer Winterkvist that adds a number of commands for working with code in Xcode called Marvin.

Marvin adds a number of commands for quickly text selection, duplication, and deletion.

Here are the commands added as listed in the readme:

– Delete Line
– Duplicate Line
– Join Line
– Move To EOL and Insert LF
-Select Current Word
– Select Line Contents
– This differs a bit from Select Line as it will exclude whitespace characters until it reaches the first valid character at both the beginning and end of the current line
-Select Next Word
– Select Previous Word
– Select Word Above
– Select Word Below
– Sort lines

The hotkeys used for the commands are configuarble within Xcode, and this image from the readme shows that configuration:

You can find Marvin on Github here.

A nice plugin for working with text in Xcode.