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Open Source Component Providing A Custom Pull-To-Refresh Animation For Cooking Apps

Earlier this year I mentioned a great example of a pull-to-refresh animation from Yalantis called Rentals and a library for

Here’s another great example from Yalatnis that utilizes the customizable pull-to-refresh library providing an interesting animated pull-to-refresh view which could be great for cooking apps called PullToMakeSoup and a library for creating your own custom Pull-To-Refresh animations.

Each step of the animation neatly appears as the user pulls down on the UIScrollView.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing PullToMakeSoup in action:


You can find PullToMakeSoup on Github here.

You can also read more on the Yalantis blog about how the animation was created.

You can find The PUllToRefresh library for creating your own custom animated PullToRefresh components on Github here.

A great example of a custom pull to refresh animation.