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Top iOS Development Resources For Week Ended April 5th, 2015

Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on our site in the last week.

The top resource is an open source component for creating image tab bars that neatly expand from an open/close button with great looking animations with two extra buttons that automatically move out-of-the-way.

Here are the resources:

1. FoldingTabBar – An open source component for creating tab bars that neatly fold and unfold with slick animations.   (share on twitter) (featured here)

2. Transporter – An open source Swift library for upload/downling with concurrency, pause/resume support and more.  (share on twitter) (featured here)

3. RMPZoomTransitionAnimator – An open source component allowing you to create image cells in a collection view or table view that can automatically zoom in and out.(share on twitter) (featured here)

Thanks for reading!