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Open Source Library Providing A SQLite Wrapper With A No SQL Syntax

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries for working with SQLite databases, most recently the SQLite.Swift wrapper.

Here’s an open source library providing a thin Swift based wrapper for working with SQLite databases called ALBNoSQLDB.

AALBNoSQLDB allows you to set values using a JSON string, and provides easy error handling.

Here’s a code snippet from the readme showing how one could set the values within a table using JSON:

let jsonValue = "{"numValue":1,"name":"Account Category","dateValue":"2014-8-19T18:23:42.434-05:00","arrayValue":[1,2,3,4,5]}"
if ALBNoSQLDB.setValue(table:"categories", key:"category1", value:jsonValue, autoDeleteAfter:nil) {
    // value was set properly
} else {
    // handle error

You can find ALBNoSQLDB on Github here.

A nice SQLite wrapper.