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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS Library For Creating Realtime Video Filters With Many Examples Included


Some time ago I mentiond the GPUImage framework for the creation of GPU-accelerated filters.

Here’s an open source library called Videoshader from Satoshi Nakajima that simplifies the creation of video filters further allowing allows you to create high performance real-time video filters using a simple JSON style script (VSSCript).

Videoshader is built on OpenGL and automatically compiles a VSScript to GLSL shaders at run time, and the library includes many different examples of different video filters.

Here’s an example filter taken from the readme:

    "title":"Cartoon I",
        { "filter":"boxblur", "ui":{ "primary":["radius"] }, "attr":{"radius":2.0} },
        { "control":"fork" },
        { "filter":"boxblur", "attr":{"radius":2.0} },
        { "filter":"toone", "ui":{ "hidden":["weight"] } },
        { "control":"swap" },
        { "filter":"sobel" },
        { "filter":"canny_edge", "attr":{ "threshold":0.19, "thin":0.50 } },
        { "filter":"anti_alias" },
        { "blender":"alpha" }

This video shows the VideoShader app in action:

You can find the VideoShader library on Github here.

You can download the Videoshader app which uses the VideoShader on the App Store.

A great library for creating real-time video filters.


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