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Open Source iOS Component For Neatly Getting User Permissions

I’ve mentioned a few libraries that make it easier to make use of the concept of pre-permissions – notifying the user of why you need their permission for access to a specific iOS feature (such as location, or contacts) before asking them for permission to greatly increase the chances that the user will say yes rather than simply prompting them for permissions.

Here’s an open source component from Nick O’Neill inspired by the Periscope app providing a great interface for asking users for permission called PermissionScope.

PermissionScope allows you to easily create views where you can explain why you need permission to users, and also allow users to easily see their current permission status within your app, and you can detect permission status’ through Permissionscope to prompt users to change the current permission status.

Here are a couple of images in the readme showing PermissionScope in action:


You can find PermissionScope on Github here.

A great component for gathering user permissions.