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Tool: Xcode Plugin Adding An Action Bar For Nearly Every Built-In Xcode Action And More

I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins that can be found over on the Xcode plugin page.

Here’s an Xcode plugin called XCactionBar from Pedro Gomes that adds an action bar to Xcode which can be called up by a hotkey providing easy access to nearly any Xcode action along with custom actions.

As the readme states:

it’s like “Open Quickly” but for all menu bar actions, code snippets, unit tests, custom built-in actions that can operate on text or any other kind of custom action you’d like (just as long as you implement it)

The plugin comes with a number of custom actions allowing you to prepend/append string contents of the pasteboard delete/duplicate lines and more.

This animation from the readme shows the sort action being used on a selection of code:

You can find XCActionBar on Github here.

A nice time-saving Xcode plugin.