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Open Source Swift Library For Uploads/Downloads With Concurrency, Background Support And More

I’ve mentioned a number of libraries that make networking with Swift easier such as the popular AlamoFire library.

Here’s a Swift based library submitted ny nghialv that provides a nice clean syntax for file uploading and downloading with a number of neat features called Transporter.

With Transporter you can upload/download concurrently and sequentially in the background, pause/resume transfers, and support for progress tracking.

This code snippet from the readme shows some example uses of Transport:

let path = NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource("bigfile", ofType: "zip")
let fileUrl = NSURL(fileURLWithPath: path!)!

let task = UploadTask(url: "", file: fileUrl)
    .progress { sent, total in
        let per = Double(sent) / Double(total)
        println("uploading: (per)")
    .completed { response, json, error in

Transporter.add(task1 ||| task2 ||| task3)                     // concurrent tasks
            .progress { bytes, total in
                let per = Double(bytes) / Double(total)
                println("concurrent tasks: (per)")
            .completed { alltasks in
                println("task1, task2, task3: completed")
            .add(task4 --> task5 --> task6)                       // sequential tasks
            .progress { bytes, total in
                println("serial tasks")

You can find Transporter on Github here.

A nice library for working with downloads.