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A Set Of Apple Watch Example Projects For Learning WatchKit

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice WatchKit code example of a time management app inspired by the Pomodoro technique.

Here’s a nice set of example projects from Konstantin Koval created to aid in learning WatchKit development.

The examples include:

Counter: showing how to create a simple interactive counter on the watch
Apps Communication: showing how to control an iOS app from the watch
Data Sharing: showing how to share data between the WatchKit app and iOS app
Time Color: showing how to create a simple digital clock with different background colors
UI Playgrounds: showing different UI layouts
Pages: showing how to create an app with swipe gestures

These images show the Time Color and UI Playground examples in action:

Time ColorUI Playgrounds

You can find the WatchKit-Apps examples on Github here.

A nice set of examples for those learning how to use WatchKit.