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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iOS Library Providing Linguistics Tools (Tokenizer, Tagger Lemmatizer, Naive Bayes Classifier)


Late last year I mentioned a library enhancing Swift strings with language and social features.

Here’s an open source objective-c library providing a number of tools for working with linguistics called Parsimmon from Ayaka Nonaka.

Parsimmons provides a tokenizer, a tagger, a lemmatizer, and a naive bayes classifier.

This code snippet from the readme shows how to use the Parsimmon tagger:

ParsimmonTagger *tagger = [[ParsimmonTagger alloc] init];
NSArray *taggedTokens = [tagger tagWordsInText:@"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"];
NSLog(@"%@", taggedTokens);

Producing the result:

"('The', Determiner)",
"('quick', Adjective)",
"('brown', Adjective)",
"('fox', Noun)",
"('jumps', Noun)",
"('over', Preposition)",
"('the', Determiner)",
"('lazy', Adjective)",
"('dog', Noun)"

You can find Parsimmon on Github here.

A nice easy to use lignuistics toolkit.


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