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Video Tutorial: Creating A Dribbble Client App In Swift Using UICollectionView

I’ve mentioned a few tutorials from Tope Abayomi, most recently a guide on creating custom keyboard extensions with the iOS 8 SDK.

Here’s a nice straightforward (about 35 minutes) step-by-step video tutorial series that explains how to create a simple Dribbble client app using UICollectionView submitted by Tope Abayomi.

Specifically in the series you’ll learn how to:

Get your Dribbble key
Use NSURLSession to download data from Dribbble
Parse the JSON response from the Dribbble API in Swift
Display the downloaded data and images in a UICollectionView
Load the images asynchronously

Here’s the first video in the tutorial series:

You can find the rest of the video tutorials over on the App Design Vault blog.

A nice tutorial series using Swift showing how to download and display data in a UICollectionView.