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Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Easily Create Onboarding Tutorials

A few months ago I mentioned the BWWalkthrough library for creating app walkthroughs with a number of transition animations.

Here’s a solution for easily creating a onboarding tutorial submitted by Graham Lancashire called VXWalkthroughViewController.

What makes VXWalkthroughViewController different is that the text and images in your walkthrough can be created by modifying the Localizable.strings file.

This example from the readme show’s how it’s done – you can simply add these strings:

"walkthrough_0" = "See No Evil";
"walkthrough_1" = "Hear No Evil";
"walkthrough_2" = "Speak No Evil";

and if you wanted to included images to go with the text you would name them walkthrough_0.png, walkthrough_1.png…

You can easily set the colors, and present the view when your app first starts or modally using the included VXWalkthroughModalViewController. A demo project is included.

and if you want to included images on the view you would name them walkthrough_0.png, walkthrough_1.png…

This image from the readme shows VXWalkthroughViewController in action.

You can find VXWalkthroughViewController on Github here.

A nice library for easily creating simple onboarding tutorials.