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Open Source iOS Component Providing A Button With Built In Activity Indicator And Neat Animations

I’ve mentioned a number of custom activity indicator components, most recently a set of customizable loading indicators with different styles.

Here’s an open source component that neatly combines a UIButton with a UIActivityIndicator called JHActivityButton from Justin Howlett.

JHActivityButton automatically displays an activity indicator on button press with neat transitions between the regular button, and the button with the UIActivityIndicator. You can easily customize the position of the activity indicator, and how the button expands – such as horizontally or vertically when the button is pressed.

Here are a couple of images from the included example showing the button in its normal state, and when showing the activity indicator:


An included example project shows how to create the button with several different styles.

You can find JHActivityButton on Github here.

A neat component for indicating activity on button press.