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Tutorial: Sending Data Back To Your iOS Apps With The New WatchKit Beta

Earlier this week I mentioned the MMWormhole project for easier communication to/from extensions such as WatchKit extensions shortly before the release of WatchKit beta 2, which among other things has added an easy way to send data from your WatchKit extensions back to your iOS apps.

Here’s a nice step-by-step WatchKit tutorial from Kristina Thai in which you’ll create a simple counter app which sends its values back to a parent iOS app when the user hits the watch button.

The tutorial uses the new openParentApplication:reply method added with the recent iOS 8.2 beta 2 release, and with some nice illustrations Kristina leads you through the creation of the interface, and handling the WatchKit data.

Here’s an animation from the tutorial showing off the end result:

WatchKit Tutorial

You can find the tutorial over on Kristina Thai’s blog.

A good tutorial for those starting out with WatchKit showing how to send data back to your app.