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Open Source Swift Based Library Providing Text Views And Text Fields With Animated Floating Labels

Last year I mentioned JVFloatLabelTextField an open source project providing a text field component with descriptive labels within the text field to maximize screen space that float away in a neat animation when the user begins typing.

Here’s a Swift based implementation of the floating label pattern from Fahim Farook in a library called FloatLabelFields inspired by JVFloatLabelTextField.

FloatLabelFields includes both UITextView, and UITextField subclasses with added floating labels. FloatLabelFields can be called directly with code, and can also be used in storyboards.

This snippet from the readme shows how easy it is to create a float label field:

let fld = FloatLabelTextField(frame:vwHolder.bounds)
fld.placeholder = "Comments"

This animation from the readme shows FloatLabelFields in action:

You can find FloatLabelFields on Github here.

A nice Swift based library for text fields with floating labels.