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Open Source iOS Library That Simplifies Working With CloudKit

Earlier this year I mentioned a nice CloudKit overview and beginner tutorial.

Here’s an open source Swift based library that simplifies usage of CloudKit submitted by Edwin Vermeer called EVCloudKitDao.

Included within EVCloudKitDao are a number of helps for  working with your in-app database and handling incoming notifications, and EVCloudKitData for easier communication with Cloudkit.

As Edwin stated in his submission:

EVCloudKitDao is a wrapper library for Apples CloudKit for making working with CloudKit as easy as possible. With only a couple of lines you can have an array of objects that is synchronized with CloudKit. There is no need for object mapping. EVCloudKitDao uses reflection to parse your objects to and from CloudKit. 

Included is a demo of a simple chat app utilizing CloudKit through EVCloudKitDao.

You can find EVCloudKitDao on Github here.

A nice helper library for working with CloudKit.